Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I haven't tried IM-ing my journal before. So let's see what happens. The only reason I'm doing this is that every time I click on UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL, I get somebody named Bev's homepage. Go figure. Earlier, I tried phoning in an entry when I was on vacation, but couldn't remember my password so that didn't work. And I tried uploading a picture from Hometown, once again, to my journal AND THAT DIDN"T WORK EITHER. You know I'm not THAT STUPID. You would think that AOL could make things work better. Sheesh.
Guess I get to add to my entry -- according to the IM I just got back from AOL Journals, which I know isn't a real person, but some cyberspace robot trained to mollify people like me. So consider me mollified. And when I can get back to my journal again, I'll have more to say.  -- Mrs. L

"Welcome Bevp915" -- that is not my screen name. It is not my journal's name. And I'd sure like to know why Bev's name keeps showing up when I click on UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL. Not that anything else shows up. It's her Hometown Page, but there's no page visible. This is getting really old really fast. Just like me. At least my alerts are working again.  -- Mrs. L

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my78novata said...

ahhhh yes glad to have the alerts working agin. Lori