Saturday, October 9, 2004

I Want My Mommy

Montezuma is getting his revenge on me today. You'd think after five hundred years he could give it a rest.

When I was little and got sick, my mom would brew me tea with a slice of fresh lemon and honey and make me cinnamon toast.  I could use her today.

The last time I felt this way was about twenty years ago. The paramedics finally had to come and get me. After three hours in the emergency room, I began to pass blood [hope no one is eating]. Blood is not a good sign, so I was admitted to the hospital. For almost a week I was hooked up to plastic bags, while they poked every orifice and sampled all my bodily fluids looking for evidence.

Food poisoning. 

This is like the mini version of that.  Started last night and keeps on keeping on. I managed to sleep most of the day, except for occasional interruptions. But I haven't had anything to eat or drink in a long time. So I figured I better do something about that.

The good news is for those of us who don't feel up to boiling water and getting out a tea bag, there's always STARBUCK'S.

The bad news is I can't take my bathroom with me in the car. 

So I had to time my trip very carefully.  But it was good just to get out, smell the clear crisp air and enjoy the changing colors.

Luckily, Starbuck's isn't that far. I found a parking place right out front. As I shambled for the door, remembering thankfully that they have restroom accommodations, two police officers getting coffee saw me coming and became my personal doormen, each one holding a door, as I made my way in. 

Did I look that pathetic?  Was it something about my black sweat pants and big hoody with the pockets in front that got their attention?   Were they thinking this woman is in deep doo-doo -- no pun intended. [Oh yes, it was.]

These guys were huge. [BTW saw a license plate on a Chevy Tahoe that said "HUUUUGE."]  Both were about 6'4," and had that "get away from the bank vault" look of officers in full uniform. They announced to everyone as we walked in that they were my pesonal bodyguards. <<LAUGHTER>> Coupla comedians.

Armed and dangerous, but ever the gentlemen, they let me go first.  So I ordered a venti hot water with two bags of camomile tea.  "Would you like anything to eat with that?"  Ack. I don't think so.  "No thanks, I'm not feeling all that well." 

Not feeling that well!!  Don't you worry little lady [okay, tall lady] The thoughtful folks at Starbuck's packed my cup of tea for traveling -- double cup and double lid and put it into a bag that had handles and everything. Then one of the officers refused to take no for an answer and carried the bag 'o tea to my car, and held the door for me while I got in.

I said, "Geez, I wish the rest of my life could go this well."  He laughed and said, "Maybe you should play the lottery today."

Hm-m-m. Think I will.   








pkbeachbum said...

I’m sorry that you feel Ill. I wish I could help. But I’m not surprised you had gentlemen coming to your rescue. You’re a beauty. Hope the tea worked out well. When I’ve been in said circumstance, bananas, chicken and white rice have helped. Get well, hun!

magogos said...

Take care of yourself, and I hope you feel better. I'd buy 2 tickets, if I were you, one for each cop. Blessings, Margo

ann7inflorida said...

Food poisoning is the worst! Feel better soon!!! : )

lamove04 said...

Hope you're feeling better, Mrs. L!  A Starbucks chocolate croissant would have been my home remedy...  I'm battling a cold and STILL drinking coffee!  --Albert

jevanslink said...

Albert -- I think chocolate is the best remedy for everything myself.  But even applesauce was too strong there for awhile.  Just looking at a chocolate croissant --and inhaling that wonderful buttery smell would have -- ack -- I can't go there.  [Hey, notice that the comment counter is off?]  Mrs. L