Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's that time again

Patrick's Saturday Six

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1. What is your favorite cartoon show?

Never watched cartoon shows, but always loved the Road Runner. Later on it became one of my many nicknames.

2. I found this on
Wil's journal:  Take the quiz...What natural disaster are you? 

Volcano -- when I get mad I erupt, but in a good way. Now I'll go take the quiz and see what I really am.

I'm a wildfire.  Burning out of control. Whatever.

3. What was the design of the last postage stamp you used?

Who's on the eighty-five cent stamp? That's what it costs to send a letter to London.

4. What was the last pill you took?

Tylenol PM.  My drug of choice yesterday when I wasn't feeling well. That stuff knocks me out.

5. It's your ultimate breakfast:  what's on the plate?


First course is two eggs fried in bacon grease sunnyside up.  With a pound of bacon, a plate of hash browns and four slices of buttered toast. Maybe some orange marmalade for the toast. The second course is yogurt with strawberries on the bottom mixed with crunchy granola. The third course is a Dutch Baby -- a small version of the huge German style pancake.With lots of butter, lemons and plenty of powdered sugar. Sausage links, too. Washed down with two huge glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice with ALL the pulp.

Like I could eat all that. I usually get filled up on just Yoplait and o.j.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #26 from SpringsNymph and Neil:

a) When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse.  Because my mom was a nurse.  No other reason than that. However, all my talents lay elsewhere.

b) Are you anywhere close to that dream now?

I almost married a doctor, does that count?

I wrote plays and skits from the time I was ten, but I didn't realize that I was any good at it, until I took a creative writing course in college. When we got our first assignments back, the professor didn't give me mine. I couldn't figure out why until he read it to the class. He said the writing was excellent. Hm-m-m, maybe I can write. That, and my mother saying, "You'd be good in advertising." She was right.

c) Now that you're in the "real world," is your current job now really what you want to do for a living?

Yes -- I'm primarily an ad writer/producer. Everything I do is pretty much an extension of all the stuff I liked to do in high school. 

d) If not, what would you ultimately like to do?

I've got a couple of coffee table books in mind. Which probably means that's where they'll stay -- in my mind.




ann7inflorida said...

Great answers & thanks for my first big laugh of the day. Wild Fire...LOL! I hope you're feeling better. ~Ann

cneinhorn said...

I was a hurricane.  :-)
Your job sounds so interesting....