Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Beautiful Shots of the Sky

I couldn't get over how blue the sky was this weekend.  In fact, for several weekends. So I went out and took a bunch of pictures of it.  Those other things in  front of the sky refused to get out of the way.

Stevie Ray's music is really sounding good today. 

Think I'll take him out for a ride in the Jeep. 

Open the sunroof. 

And crank it.

All I need is a teenage boyfriend.

Why, Mrs. Linklater!!!





sistercdr said...

Go for a twentysomething boyfriend.  They're legal.

judithheartsong said...

yeeeee ha!!!!!! Go gettum Girl!!!!!!! xoxoxox, judi

cneinhorn said...

Yes, go for a young stud in his twenties, LOL *wink* ;-)  Love the photo of the lifeguard chair Mrs. L.  Very nice.  

pkbeachbum said...

I knew I should have lied about my age...
Cool pics!