Saturday, October 16, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

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1. What was your favorite Halloween candy to receive as a child?  

My favorite was Candy Corn.  Now, one little piece of that orange and yellow dye no. 44 confection can send me into a tailspin of sugar overload. My least favorite was anything healthy.  Remember when conscientious moms would smile and hand you an apple? I don't want no stinkin fruit!!!  The only reason there's been a fear of razor blades in apples was because some kid finally stepped up and said, "Give us the candy or we're going to frame you."

2. Of cities you've visited (that you don't live in), which is your favorite and why?  

London.  The people, the pubs, the museums, the shops, the shows, the restaurants, the marathon, the history, oh, and one of my daughters lives there.

3. What is the oldest appliance in your kitchen (and how old is it)?

What was the oldest -- donated my ancient GE double door fridge with an ice/drink thingy on the front.  I think it was one of the first ones ever made. So old, it had a hand crank on the side.

4. How many broken bones have you suffered in your life time, and when was the most recent?

I've never broken a bone [knock on wood somewhere].  I dislocated my elbow playing basketball. Went down trying to steal a ball and ended up on the floor with a ref standing over me pointing his finger in my face shouting -- "Foul on Mrs. Linklater" or something like that.  

Strained my wrist when Jerry Roberts [I'm naming names here] kept knocking me down at the skating rink in 8th grade.  

A horse stepped on my foot and it swelled up, but nothing broken.  A personal trainer dropped a 45 pound weight on the same foot, but it didn't break. Slid into homeplate so hard I knocked out the catcher and couldn't walk on that foot two hours later.  But it still wouldn't break.  

Jammed fingers and thumbs playing volleyball and softball, but no breakage.  

Sprained my ankle playing tennis.  Don't ever hurt yourself playing with guys.  Lying on the court with my ankle in pieces, one guy came up and covered my face with a towel.  "What are you doing?" somebody said.  "She's dead, isn't she?" Comedians.  

I dived out of a boat into what I thought was deep water, but it was a shallow sandbar, so I turned my head and shoulder in midair when I realized that I was going to <<ACK>> break my neck if I didn't.  Wrenched shoulder, no broken bones. 

[Kinda fun taking a walk down Arthritis Lane.]  

Fell down the basement stairs changing a lightbulb and knocked myself out. Lots of lumps, nothing broken. The paramedics kept asking me questions very close to my face during transport.  I found out later most people who fall down the basement stairs are drunk. 

Completely flipped out on some gravel in my healthclub parking lot, and got a black eye from the hit on my head.  More lumps, nothing broken.   Postscript: Just noticed all the potholes have been filled where I took my tumble.

Wait -- just remembered -- I broke my nose when I bent over to pick up one of my kids and she jumped up to meet me, during a volleyball tournament.  Played great afterward.  NOTE TO SELF:  Break nose before every finals. 

But noses don't count, they aren't bones, they're cartilage.  O-o-o, splitting hairs are we?

5. Check your caller ID:  who is the last person to have called you?  

Brandon, one of my surrogate sons. Wants to bet on the World Series.  I told him I'd take anybody over his pain in the ass Yankees. 

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #26 from Nettie: What would you say is your biggest "character flaw?"  

This is a "When didyou stop beating your wife kinda question." It assumes I actually have a character flaw.  [I hope the people who know me stop laughing, I can hear you.] 

P.S. I do have a character flaw that reared its ugly head this weekend.  Thought I'd had it removed, but it grew back. Here it is:  I jump to conclusions.


merelyp said...

I have witnessed no character flaws.
(yeah, like I know you!)

lwhitewave said...

I still love your entries!  I think it is absolutely amazing that you have damaged your ankle/foot so badly over the years but no breaks!  Of course, they do say that we get more brittle as we get older

::Ducking out::


jevanslink said...

I AM older.  Mrs. L