Thursday, October 14, 2004

Whatever Happened to Imelda Marcos?

Weekend Assignment #29
Here's the deal:
What are your favorite shoes? The ones you like because of the way they look or feel.  It can be shoes you have now or back when. Just what's so special about them?  Extra credit: Pictures.
I entered Scalzi's little competition to come up with ideas for the Weekend Assignment, because I really wanted to win. And I did. There was no prize for "winning" except to be chosen as a weekend assignment. And I was determined to be chosen first. 
So now you know a little more about the sad side of my competitive nature.  It isn't pretty. But at least I had a chance to use it for good and not evil.
To crack Scalzi's code, I climbed into his mind and asked, what would he think was a good idea?  Not so offbeat that it would be offputting. Something everybody has lying around the house. Perhaps something that you wear. So it was dirty clothes or shoes.  And I went with the shoes.
Yes, this favorite shoe thing was my idea, so you'd think I 'd have a pair of favorite shoes. But I don't.
1. Given to excess, I've got a lot of favorite shoes. My favorite shoes for my naked feet are my orange sandals. What's not to like. They're like walking around in your underwear. Your feet are exposed.  In public.  The orange color makes my painted toes look like hookers at a stoplight.  Yoo-hoo, young man.
I wish I could wear sandals all the time.. Let my feet come out and play. And these sandals are such an outre color, don't ya know. It's such a shame to get a pedicure and waste it inside Thor-Los and Merrills.  Okay snow is a problem, but sometimes you have to sacrifice for fashion. But yeah, sandals.
2. Then there's my favorite tennis shoes -- clunkiest ones ever made. That pair of Adidas with the huge black wart things on the bottom is the equivalent of sleeping on a Sealy.  My feet feel like they're wrapped in layers and layers of soft cotton.  Problem is those warty things make playing tennis in them hazardous to your knees.  They make your foot plant in one direction while your knee is going in another direction. So good for feet, bad for knees.
3. My favorite shoe that I had bronzed belongs to my younger daughter. A size ten, it wasn't one of her baby shoes. After I heard how much it would cost to bronze both shoes, I only did one.
It was one of the shoes she wore when her team won the conference and she made the all-conference team as a goalie.  She was a left-footed kicker and by the end of the season that well worn shoe was sporting more duct tape than leather. I wanted something to remember the season for her so it was a  logical choice.  She left it at home. Here Mom, you like this more than I do. I can't imagine why.  It would make a great doorstop. 
4. I can't show my favorite stilettos, they're just a memory now. Awhile back they disappeared from my luggage between LA and Chicago. Somewhere I just know there's a mechanic guiding 747's into the gate wearing red slingback Bruno Maglis. And nobody's asking questions.


cneinhorn said...

Congrats on the assignment pick win Mrs. L.  I thought it was very clever and well deserving to be the pick for this week.  Problem with me is how to pick just one.  I have too many shoes I like. It all depends on my mood.  I love my sexy 4" Coach mules, if only they matched more of my outfits.   Or maybe my ruby red Uggs that I got my hands on for this season.......Or if I'm feeling really naughty my 5" lucite stillettos, otherwise tennies when I'm slumming it, which lately is most days ;-)    I'm liking your orange sandles, hot color.  Tres chic.  ~JerseyGirl

pkbeachbum said...

I jumped into this assignment/discussion with both feet. Ha ha. Consider my entry dedicated to you. It was a great idea. I hope my string of nouns add up to something.

jevanslink said...

Anybody notice I only have FOUR toes?  Mrs. L

madmanadhd said...

A most interesting idea and entry. Congrats on being selected. Sure am glad those size ten shoes you bronzed were NOT your daughter's baby shoes. OWCH! LOL. Love the idea of some mechanic somewhere directing planes in red slingback Bruno Magli's ... I'll keep my eyes pealed for this one. Please feel free to pop on over to my journal and see what I did with your assginment idea and let me know what you think. Warmest regards.

viviansullinwank said...

Greata entry  {{{{{ Mrs. L }}}}} and a great weekend assignment topic!  I love your orange slippers!!