Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day Assignment

Scalzi's weekend assignment #36 is here.  He's got a mug full of $70 or so in change and he wants us to tell him what to do with it.  Extra Credit: Show a picture of your own penny jar/mug/box/drawer.

Since it's Thanksgiving, might as well load up on Tums, Xantac and Pepto Bismol.  Or use the change to drive back and forth on the Toll Road.  You can see Mrs. Linklater is not very inspired by this particular assignment.

However, Scalzi also mentioned that today's the day when it's possible for one's caloric intake to exceed the GNP, so Mrs. Linklater has decided HER weekend assignment will be to track how much food she eats before going to bed tonight.  So here goes:

10:45 AM -- ten red, seedless grapes plucked from their stems out of the refrigerator -- boy were they sweet and crunchy.

11: 15 AM -- one English muffin toasted, spread with leftover hollandaise sauce -- you read that right

1:08 PM -- one clementine

2:03 PM -- ten more grapes -- they are really good

. . .to be continued

4:00 PM -- traffic sucks, but finally get to destination for turkey day celebration

4:01 PM -- start sipping a tonic and lime -- but without the lime

4:32 PM -- eat one crab and one asparagus canape

4:37 PM -- try three slices of summer sausage after dipping it in horseradish sauce

4:42 PM -- try a wedge of mysterious imported cheese, try a second wedge

4:46 PM -- lose the paper I was writing down all my food intake on

4:50 PM -- find it under the coffee table -- it's a really big coffee table, so I ask one of the kids to crawl under there and retrieve it for me

4:56 PM -- inhale four or five wheat thins with creamy dried tomato spread

5:02 PM -- realize this is really creepy writing all my food down

5:07 PM -- ask someone to pass the canape plate and promptly eat two more crab and two more asparagus canapes

5:15 PM -- gotta have some more of that summer sausage, the horseradish sauce is great

5:28 PM -- two more canapes are gone

6:00 PM -- all the oldest and youngest members of the family are helped to the table and served their dinners 

6:15 PM -- the rest of us hit the buffet

6:16 PM -- there isn't a plate large enough to hold all the food, so I stick to basics, sliced maple basted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, dressing, carrots with leeks, sweet potato casserole, green beans and a wonderful maple flavored mushroom gravy

6:20 PM -- sit down and realize there was no cranberry sauce, rats

6:50 PM -- cell phone rings, one of my children calling, take the call in another room

7:00 PM -- get seconds of turkey, mashed potatoes and that wonderful gravy, then realize afterward that I'm really full

7:30 PM -- everyone moves to the living room to recover

7:45 -- discussion begins about who wants coffee with dessert, not me

7:58 PM -- wedges of pumpkin and apple pie with whipped cream or ice cream begin arriving, but I decline

8:15 PM -- someone brings out some chocolate coated butter brickle and I have a one inch square

11:00 PM -- arrive back at house where I'm staying and eat 15 red seedless grapes

All in all, not as bad as I thought it would be. It helps that Mrs. Linklater rarely drinks.  

But anyone who thinks I've passed up the pie, think again.  I was too full to have it tonight. I'm having it for breakfast in the morning.

Along with some grapes.

As for the extra credit picture of her own jar of pennies -- that will have to wait until Mrs. Linklater gets home.











pollysci said...

Here's hoping that the reason there's no update as of 10pm CST is because the next one should read as follows:

1:45 PM: drank a bottle of something French and bubbly and started another one.  

~tara :)

greyhoundloner03 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, girlfriend.  :)

judithheartsong said...

Oh................ great entry!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. L!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox, judi

pkbeachbum said...

Do you have any grapes left? I'm kinda hungry.

pollysci said...

Ahh... ok, much better!  I was not pleased this morning when I awoke to find that I'd eaten all my leftovers last night before bed.  I hate it when I do that.  So I had pancakes instead. ;)

~tara :)

belfastcowboy75 said...

A quote fron the Grammie: "Eating blueberry pie for breakfast is better than eating  a blueberry muffin, because the pie has nore blueberries."

salemslot9 said...

Happy (Jive?) Turkey remind me of a John Lennon song..."move over Ms. know I wish you well"...hope you vote for Lil Miss White Cat.

cneinhorn said...

seems like it was all about the grapes this year...