Saturday, November 27, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

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1. How long do your Thanksgiving leftovers usually last, and what's the first non-Thanksgiving item you begin to crave when you tire of turkey?

I never tire of turkey.  I will cook one up for no reason at all except that I feel like having turkey.  But you didn't ask that. This year I don't have any leftovers, because I was invited to someone else's house.  So I may go home and make some, since the best part of Thanksgiving is going to the refrigerator and carving more meat off the bird.  Usually my leftovers last about four days.  Gravy a little less, because I will put gravy on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, if left unrestrained.

The one thing I start to crave is steak.  Or a chocolate malt.

2. Of the following, which would you most prefer to be located in:

a) Interstate highway traffic jam

b) Slow-moving checkout line

c) Dentist's chair

Since sitting in traffic is as much fun as getting a root canal and waiting in line is as delightful as gum surgery, I choose the dentist's chair.  Why? Because I really like to have my teeth cleaned.  I have actually fallen asleep during the procedure.  I don't mind drilling either because they have DRUGS that numb your mouth, tongue, lips, cheeks, nose, and anything else that may come into contact with dental machinery.  Next to waiting in traffic and a long line, the dentist's chair is heaven. And I think I'm the only one who feels that way.

The only thing I don't care for at the dentist are the x-rays.  There's something unpleasant about the feel of a dry cardboard square placed in a metal holder and jammed into my mouth, followed by pressing a pointy corner of it against my gum until it bleeds. And holding that pose for a very long time. BLECH.

3.  What is at the top of your personal Christmas gift wish list this year.

That we no longer exchange gifts but give our money to charity. Then instead of opening presents, we can go around to each person who then shares the names of the charities they donated to and the work those charities do.

4. What improvement would you most like to see added to AOL's Journal software?

One?  I only get ONE improvement? I don't think so!!!  Improve the font selection.  Make it easier to upload pictures.  Fix the counter so it doesn't revert to zero for no apparent reason.  Make it so we can cut and paste from WORD without code showing up everywhere.  JUST FIX IT ALL!!

5. What seasonal movies do you most look forward to this time of year?

One of my brothers and I have had a family tradition of watching The Little Mermaid on December 23rd.  It started the year I bought it as a gift for my kids.  That was the same year he starting helping me wrap presents for them.  So we put it on and found ourselves singing along as we cut and measured the paper.  The next year, we did the same thing.  And sang even louder as we tied the bows and put things under the tree.  Then we continued to watch it even when my children went to college -- no doubt to get away from the singing -- and just never stopped.  Second place is anything from Pixar. 

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #33 from TARA:  What is your favorite classic 80's video game?

I didn't grow up on video games.  The only one I ever played was Pac Man.  So I don't have a favorite, I only have an only.  However, I have watched people play all of the latest violent, sexual, scary stuff on the most high-tech equipment money can buy and never EVER felt a moment's inclination to join them.





greyhoundloner03 said...

I love the strength of your oh nutty one...

cneinhorn said...

we would have had leftovers for days too, except the floor guys unplugged my garage fridge in favor of their power tools, forgot to plug it back in when they were done...and everything went bad!!! :-(