Thursday, December 9, 2004

Indiana Radio Stations

Finally heading home.  But taking my time.  If I continue straight through to Chicago I'll be in rush hour traffic for the last fifty miles.  No thank you. 

Got some great photos of a Jimmy John's sandwich I ate in Lafayette, IN. [See the previous entry.]  Here's one of the neon signs in the window. One of the others says, "Serious Delivery."

Picture from Hometown

Life in out of town focus groups is a little like being a mole rat. I haven't seen the daylight since Monday. Yes, today is Thursday. I am not kidding. We get to the facility before dawn.  And leave around midnight.  There are no windows in any of the rooms.  We subsist on M & M's and bottled water, in between every known bread carbo on the planet.  My hotel room had a wonderful balcony overlooking a charming view of a duck pond.  A lot of good it did me in the dark. 

Driving from Chicago I found a great country and western station -- 105.3. In fact, there are quite a few C&W spots on the dial. Four others were only playing pop versions of holiday tunes. I swear I heard Queen Latifah singing Rudolph. There was one rap and one classical station. I finally switched to my CD's. 

The gas is sixty to seventy cents less down here. 25% less than Chicago. And everyone is wearing Pacer and Colts logos.  Except for I-465 which circles the city and won't let you off unless you promise to relinquish an unborn child, Indianapolis seems like an okay place. 



mosie1944 said...

Tell me it isn't so!!!!  Is there another country music fan in J-Land?  I thought I was the only one here.

jevanslink said...

For some reason I love country music when I'm not in Chicago.  Mrs. L

tdain2003 said...

I'm so jealous you live in Chicago... it's my favorite, horn honkingest city ever!  (really it's where I would love to live)

judithheartsong said...

Hope you had a good trip............. we have mole rats at our Zoo!! :):) judi