Thursday, December 30, 2004

Las Vegas Has Food

This is not pizza.  This is decor.

NINE -- a top Windy City steakhouse -- has arrived in Sin City. Impeccable service. Best steaks ever. Black, silver, and changing colors [see the pictures]. 

Owned by two Chicago guys, natch. Named for the age they were when they first met at camp. 

To capture these artsy fartsy photos for you, Mrs. Linklater managed to terrify several patrons who thought she was trying to take pictures of THEM.

Picture from Hometown



somenuttychic said...

WOW! Verrrrry nice.

Artsy fartsy. Hahahahahahaha.

daleneentenmann said...

I was wondering how Las Vegas was treating Mrs. L during her visit and of course, I should have been wondering the impact Mrs. L was having on Las Vegas....Glad to see you posting, missed your wit and fearless adventures! Have a wonderful Happy New Year! If only one of you is left standing, between you and Vegas, back at the Palms, my money is on you....Dalene of AHH http://journals/aol/com/ahhliving/AHH

anthume said...

Great photos, very trendy. I hope the food was as good.