Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Brackets Are Busted

Don't you love the language of March Madness? This year they're calling it Arch Madness. Or the March to the Arch [Get it?  St. Louis Arch?]

I particularly like the concept of Bracket Busters. Especially when they happen early. All those office pools are just reeling from the shock of an early upset.

No. 193 Vermont beats No. 4 Syracuse.  Even I thought Syracuse had a chance to take it all. Ver-Freaking-Mont?!!!  What have they been smoking?

Less than Zero Bucknell beats No. 3 Kansas.  Wowser. David knocks out Goliath.

Bruce Weber is the coach of Number One ranked Illinois. His record so far is 30-1 He's in the second round of the NCAA championships.

His brother Dave also coaches in Illinois. For a high school team. His record is 30-2 so far. He's downstate with his team, playing in the semis of the Illinois state championships.

In a very short time we'll find out if their family can bring home two championships in the same year. A third brother, Ron, coaches high school in Wisconsin. He also had a winning season, but his team has already been knocked out of the cheesehead championships.

UPDATE:  Dave Weber's high school team just won the Illinois State High School Boys Basketball AA Championship last night.  The top bracket. Ranked eighth, they knocked off fourth-ranked Carbondale. 

Three brothers.  Three winning programs. Kinda cool. I bet Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are very interesting.


robbush6 said...

Bruce Weber is a good friend of my friends John and Kay. The family wins are tempered by the recent loss of their mother. She died last Friday, just before the Illini game. I don't know how much high-fiving is going on, but I'm sure they're all playing the next game in memory of her.

jevanslink said...

Before the Minnesota game during the Big Ten Championships, which Illinois won, there was a moment of silence for Coach Weber's mother. Before it ended, he was moved to tears.  But he had already told his team he was going to coach them hard and he expected them to play hard.  Because that's how his mother would have wanted it.  She became suddenly ill while picking up her tickets at the United Center in Chicago for the Illinois/Northwestern game. She also said not to tell either one of her sons that she was in surgery until after they had finished coaching their respective games. The post season is definitely being played for her.  Mrs. L