Sunday, March 20, 2005

Stupid In A Good Way

Wondering what she could do to avoid working on a weekend assignment, Mrs. Linklater decided to type STUPID into Google. It went with her mindset. Wouldn't you know she ran butt up into -- as stupid a place as they get.

Along with Stupid Gifts, Stupid Toys, Stupid Jokes, Vintage Stupidity and even Other Stupidity, just in case your particular brand of stupidity wasn't covered by all the other stupid stuff, she found Road Kill Candy, the Crazy Cat Lady Action figure, and her personal favorite, the Pizza Clock.

She loves the Pizza Clock because it actually looks like pizza.  And it comes in a lovely gift pizza box.   

How stupid is that?


robbush6 said...

I LOVE the pizza clock. Can mine come with mushrooms? I'm thinking everyone ought to have one.

cneinhorn said...

I love it!