Monday, April 18, 2005

The Saga Continues

To my friends in the AOL Journal Community,

Without resolution from AOL, I will be closing my near ten-year old AOL account as soon as I find another service provider.  In the event my account is closed before I'm ready, I will return with a bogus screen name and I will let you know how to reach me.

Currently, I not very happy with blogger, but my hardly-kept journal page, there, is at and my tentative AOL Journal can be found at  (same as before, just with a "1" after "sense").


The "Executive Office"

Please cross-post this throughout Journal Land.  Cut, paste, and add to your journals.

After speaking with Karen at the Executive Office, a Mark Gurmmond called me back with a clear explanation, but refused to elaborate.

The TOS Violation is a "pro-bulimia" web link which was entered into my journal on a Terri Schiavo posting.  Google-cached website here.

The only problem is, Mark can not... no.... Mark will not tell me which link in that entry consitutes the supposed violation.  He simply states that another reader wrote-in and complained, that the Community Action Team determined that there WAS a violation, and they decided to pull my journal - entirely.

Several attempts to explain to Mark that they pulled my journal for a link they refuse to identify were fruitless.  They "don't give out that information"... apparently to prevent me from finding out what link I entered.  It's simply easier for AOL to yank a year-and-a-half old journal that had no other TOS violations.

Mark then suggested that I could take this further... as in legal action.  So I asked him how can I legally complain about a weblink that I can not identify?  He said I couldn't.

Mark continued to tell me how there was nothing more that AOL "could" do.  Clearly, there's nothing more AOL "will" do.

My take is that they're pissed off that I nailed them to the wall for piss poor customer service - across the board - and they came up with a link they refuse to identify as the problem.

The only other possibility is - and you'll love this - is that I linked to an AOL supported webmd page which discusses bulimia nervosa.  Clearly, being the ONLY link to anything regarding bulimia nervosa, this MUST be the "pro-bulimia" link that Mark wouldn't identify for me.

So, the TOS Violating link is AOL's own website.

How's that for Terms of piss-poor Service?!

Please cross-post this throughout Journal Land.  Cut, paste, and add to your journals.

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