Monday, April 18, 2005


That's is the link to Armand's new journal, Un-Commonly Senseless at AOL, which chronicles his attempts to find out what exactly he did to deserve a TOS violation.

GOOD LUCK, ARMAND. I never got an answer.

He has already discovered that he's not going to get an answer through regular channels, which mirrors my own experience.  i still don't know what happened in my case, but it seems to be a glitch in THEIR system or someone has hacked in.

If it happens to your journal, you will never experience such a complete sense of frustration and helplessness against the nameless, faceless and very smug people who seem to act with impunity and are not accountable to journalers in any way.

In fact, many of the tech people have no idea what AOL Journals are.  That's a good feeling.

I was told that the alleged incident took place via my COUNTER in the middle of the night.  BUT I WAS ASLEEP, I said.  Like they care.

You know how often we have glitchy problems with our journals -- we can't access them, or we can't use certain fonts, or any number of other annoying events?

Well, the TOS alarm seems like it may be susceptible to a similar affliction in our Journals. It gets set off accidentally or turned on by mistake in our FTP space.

Unfortunately, the person whose journal is affected is assumed to be guilty with no other recourse than to accept AOL's punishment, whatever that is this week, because it isn't consistent.

My journal wasn't deleted.  Armand's was. Same TOS violation as near as I can tell. WTF?

Hmmm -- Ann in Florida's journal can't be accessed any more, just like Armand's.  Perhaps she suffered a similar fate.

UPDATE:  Just heard from Ann.  She deleted her journal voluntarily for personal reasons.  But she is aware of Armand's plight and fully supports him.  How could you not?


bosoxblue6993w said...

There's somethin vaguely Orwellian about all of this.

suzypwr said...

I have never even had the thought to make backup copies of my entries, but maybe I will do that. I wouldn't want to lose them over some AOL glitch. I have no memory, and I enjoy re-reading some of them. I always think, 'Oh! I had forgotten about that!" My journal is my memory on paper.

I am glad Armand got a new journal even if he can't get the old one back.