Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Letter from Armand of Un-Common Sense

How interesting that the phantom TOS violation which happened via my FTP space [ironically JUST mentioned in my previous entry] has happened to Armand, who writes a great journal exposing the bullshit of big business, government, politics and anyone else who deserves it.  It's called Un-Common Sense and you can link to it over in my Other Journals list. Well, you used to be able to link to it.  Not anymore.

Guess what?  He is having the same kind of trouble finding answers to the problem as I did.  In the end, I gave up. I was talking to a wall. I just took the TOS violation and hoped my FTP wouldn't get hacked again. Or suffer one of the many glitches which plague our journals.

But Armand is trained in weapons and tactics. Why do I think he won't be deterred?

Rip them a new body part for the rest of us who have suffered at the hands of the TOS Titmice, please, Armand.

If there is anyone who would NOT commit a TOS violation, it is he. After reading his insightful, laser sharp dissection of all things stupid and absurd, I'm sure TOS has finally met its match. 

Here is the letter he has asked us all to post -- feel free to copy it from here it you want. 

Please post my letter (below) exactly as I have written it - into your journals. 

AOL "Service" has gone beyond the point of ludicrous .. LUDICROUS .. and until they give a flying-rip about their customers, this will only get worse. 

If the wheel doesn't squeak now, AOL will have no incentive to solve the problems they are creating for the people who pay their bills.  

Also, please forward this to other journalers.  I just don't have time to run through old comments to grab-up screen names as I try to get my journal back on line. 

I did NOT take it down.  Apparently, AOL has done this over a supposed TOS violation.

I guess beach pictures from Cabo are questionable by TOS standards.  

Thank you,   Armand

EDITORS(s),   I can no longer reach my primary journal at

I returned from vacation to find out that there was an apparent attempt to up-load improper files to my ftp space. 

I loaded cute beachand bird pictures, not TOS violation trash.   My screenname was locked.  When this was corrected, I could no longer reach my primary journal; however, I can reach my other journals.  

Attempting to deal with the Community Action Team is extremely .. EXTREMELY .. difficult. 

Several .. SEVERAL .. times, I have to repeat .. REPEAT .. what I had already stated in very clear and uncertain terms.   

I simply want my main journal put back where it was and with all of my past journals as they were - and I don't want to be transferred to 17 more people who have to struggle .. STRUGGLE .. through their communication skills to accomplish a simple task.  

As I stated in my journal while I was featured at the top of your list, I would be more than willing .. MORE THAN WILLING .. to pay extra for every single call where I can speak to someone who understands English.  

I am having to spell, re-spell, and re-spell, and re-spell my journal name - screen name and URL to people who continually "re-assure" me that they are going to help me... and that I should worry about anything.  

This is ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS.   What do I need to do to get my journal back?  

Please, oh please, oh PLEASE give me a phone number where I can speak with anyone .. ANYONE .. at AOL who speaks English and is capable of solving problems.  



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robbush6 said...

Calling AOL is a TOS violation. Doesn't anybody read the fine print anymore? I don't. Last summer, I got a wild hair and called. They answer the phone in India and for some reason, it's always 3 in the morning there. I got nowhere either. I started over because of it. When I asked to speak with someone who didn't have such a thick accent, the poor man said, "It's 3 am here. There are no supervisors in at the moment." WHAT? WE ARE UNSUPERVISED? TOS can kiss my ass.