Saturday, May 14, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six Time To Mow The Lawn Edition

1. How many scars do you have on your body?  Where are they?

I have several scars, but you can't see them unless I point them out, because they were all sewed up with subcutaneous stitches so they wouldn't show. On the right of the tram, you can see some on my foot, my hand, and my arms. Two spots on my face don't tan because the dermatologist burned off sunspots. EWWWW this is getting gross. And I haven't even mentioned the very special scar almost every American woman gets when she has a baby. Okay, we're done here.

2. What is the last junk food you ate in such large quantity that you actually felt guilty afterwards?

Boy that bag of Vintner's cheddar cheese popcorn went down smooth. Wish i felt more guilty about it.  Because I think I'll have another bag tonight.

3. What is the closest spot to your home where you go when you feel like you need an afternoon escape?

The beach -- three miiles away. Lake Michigan has the power to refresh and restore me. Of course, just getting into the Jeep to drive over there can make me feel better too.

4. Of those in your collection, what movie have you watched the most times?

Gladiator. DVD and VHS. Russell Crowe has the power to refresh and restore me. Am I repeating myself ?

5. Have you ever felt discriminated against?  What about you do you believe led to the discrimination?

Let's see I couldn't play little league baseball when I was growing up because I was a girl. I couldn't play intercollegiate sports in college because I was a girl. Or be a field goal kicker. I couldn't go to Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard, etc., because I was a girl. I couldn't go to any of the military academies because I was a girl. I couldn't buy a house first time around without a male co-signer [who had a lower income actually] because I was a girl. I was turned down as a renter once because I was a single parent with children.I wasn't hired for a very high paying job once because I was a single parent with kids. I was denied reimbursement for childcare when I travelled at one place I worked because the men didn't claim childcare costs. Let's see they were all married or didn't have custody of their kids or made enough to have a live in housekeeper. How much time do you have, this list could get ugly.

6. RAPID FIRE QUESTION #3:  Have you ever hired a:
   a. Maid  -- YES [at my family's request]
   b. Lawyer -- YES [don't get divorced without one]
   c. Chauffer -- YES [cheaper than a cab to the airport here]
   d. Plumber -- YES [butt crack and all]
   e. Photographer -- YES [my business]
   f. Realtor -- YES, fired one too
   g. Gardener -- YES [sometimes they even mow the lawn]
   h. Personal Trainer -- YES, but fired the one who dropped a 45 lb weight on my foot
   i. Psychic/Spirtual Advisor -- Paid five bucks to go to a psychic fair and the guy I went to said I had a medical condition I needed to get fixed. He was right, but I didn't know until I went to the doctor who had no clue either.
   j. Mortician -- YES, his name was Coffin, I am not kidding


wh1368 said...

LOL @ the Coffin line!

mombzbe said...

Russell Crowe.  grrrrr :)
There's a guy that probably smells like beer and cigarettes to turn your nondrinking, nonsmoking head, Mrs L.  

jevanslink said...

I just want to look.  I don't want to get too close.  Mrs. L

vrashus said...

Have you ever felt discriminated against?

hmm .. i wonder why we all feel like we have to say "yes" to this, versus, "of course!" ..

the first suggests that discrimination ought not to happen .. the second assumes that it is part of the human condition .. the first suggests that we have been victimized and "someone should pay" .. the second assumes a more participatory role in the whole discrimination process ..

discrimination is not something that is only done TO us .. it is something we all DO .. ha .. not so much fun to read or write though .. :(

ps .. not an inditement on you alone Mrs L .. honest .. it is just an observation after reading a few of these responses in the various blogs, and i knew you would have an opinion .. :P

salemslot9 said...

Sure you do...wanna get close to Mr. apologies!:)...btw...I have a scar from sleep walking...

screaminremo303 said...

Our President went to an Ivy League college and it didn't make him any smarter. Consider yourself lucky. You might have ended up sitting in the White House trying to keep me off the intern list.