Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lung Cancer, Non Smokers and the Monkey Virus

NOTE: Even though her father was a doctor and her mother was a nurse, Mrs. Linklater is not a member of the medical profession. Maybe, in this instance, that's a good thing.

There is a book published within the last five years that may be worth reading.  It is called: THE VIRUS AND THE VACCINE --- in case the link doesn't work.

Also, Google SV40 and Cancer.

If you haven't read about THE VIRUS yet, maybe it's time you did. About  twenty years ago New York Magazine published an article that talked about the occurrence of a type of lung cancer usually seen in asbestos workers that was showing up in young women who didn't smoke. It led researchers to other cancers -- brain and kidney in particular. Lymphoma recently.

The common link between all these cancers was SV40, a monkey virus that has been traced to the polio vaccine that was rushed to market in the late fifties and early sixties.

In their zeal to protect the country from the ravages of polio, this monkey virus wasn't screened out of the doses by the labs hired to make the vaccine. Also there was disagreement as to whether it actually caused cancer in humans. In effect, a timebomb had been planted in everyone who got the vaccine.

As time has passed, there is more and more evidence that SV40 can cause many cancers in humans, but you won't hear the government talking about it much since they were the ones that let it happen.

The article in New York magazine was even more ominous.

It went on to say that SV40 can be transmitted from mother to child via nursing and between human to human via sexual contact. So even if you didn't get one of the early vaccines for polio, the virus may be so entrenched in the population that it can't be avoided.

Since that time there have been many charges and counter charges on both sides.

Dana Reeve, a non smoker, was married to a non smoker.  She now has lung cancer.

It makes me wonder. How about you?

The Virus and the Vaccine is a book written by two investigative reporters.  I haven't read it yet, since I've known about the SV40 issue for some time.  But I think it's worth finding out about.


mosie1944 said...

I'm doing an entry linking to this entry of yours.  Thanks.

childebrand1968 said...

Hey Mrs L!

You may be right on the money here... and, again, we will never know the whole truth on SV40 because the government will not incriminate itself.

But, Mrs. Reeve, was (is) also a singer and spent many a night singing in smoke filled night clubs.  So this, too, may be where her cancer came, second hand.

I don't go looking for the cigarette companies to incriminate themselves, again, either...

After all Dana has been through with Chris, now she and her 13-yr-old son face this.  My best wishes for her speedy recovery, let's hope they found it early, as 80% of lung cancer patients succumb because it is found too late.

Thanks for the links~I'll check them out~

jckfrstross said...

Interesting will check it out thanks:)


robbush6 said...

I'd like to have hot monkey sex and eat a banana split for lunch. Does that count for anything?

jevanslink said...

Yeah.  That's pretty much what I'm talking about.  Mrs. L

suzypwr said...

You need to read it and give us more details. I have enough reading going on now - is this mostly pertinent to us old fart ladies who had the original polio vaccines?


jevanslink said...

What?  You want this to be a book report? Just check out the link. It has several reviews of the book. In case you missed it, I pointed out that the virus is transmittable.  Moms can give it to their kids by nursing them. They may also be able to transmit SV40 to them in utero.  Sex partners can give it to each other.  None of this is good news.  Mrs. L

gaboatman said...

None of this sounds good.  Well, um, maybe Robbush's comment.  LOL!