Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Reader Requests

From time to time I get requests to write about something in this space. To kick ass and take names as Armand has so aptly put it. 

I've been asked to take the soda pop people to task for the way drinking too many carbonated drinks may leach calcium from your bones and contribute to osteoporosis. 

I guess I think there's plenty of blame for that one. Women who don't eat and drink enough foods with calcium in them to start with. Who don't exercise enough and smoke on top of it, because smoking is a big contributor to sucking calcium out of your bones. 

You can also blame moms who don't know enough about nutrition to ensure that their kids are getting the amount of calcium they should. Then don't encourage their kids to exercise enough and allow them to smoke.

I suppose you can throw in the soft drink advertisers who spend billions to get you to slam down their stuff instead of milk and healthier options. Although the milk lobby has been doing that mustache campaign fairly successfully. Companies like Dean's have been bottling moo juice with more "youthful" graphics and calling it Chug a lug. That helps.

But what you put into your body is your responsibility.  So I just figure if you smoke and don't get enough exercise and refuse to incorporate enough calcium into your diet, along with all the other stuff you need to make bones like vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, etc., etc., then it's your own damn fault. Or your mother's.  We haven't been blaming moms enough lately have we?

Also some people have a bug up their butts about Karl Rove being gay. They want me to make a big deal about the possibility. Like I care. Like outing him is going to matter. Oh yes, it's ironic that an administration which seems to revel in gay bashing may have one of THEM in their midst.  But the fact that the allegedly liberal media have not pounced on this story at all just says that these days it frankly doesn't matter. If he were a pedophile, then it would matter.

Besides, he'll screw the pooch some other way. And George is doing enough for both of them on his own.

I grind a lot of axes, but those are two I just can't get excited about. Got any others?





suzypwr said...

I have always had very low blood pressure. I was always encouraged to eat lots of salt on my food to try to get up to a point where I didn't get dizzy when I stood up. No one told me that salt sucks calcium out of bones. Knowledge is king. Also, I don't think it's all soda. There is one ingredient to watch for - unless I am misinformed.


shaz19743 said...

I dunno if its and axe to grind more of a bone to chew over but you did ask if we had any other things we'd like to see you do an entry on are president or prime minister or whatever it takes is only for one day either in the past or the future .....what is the one thing most important to you you would do in the present  or go back and change in the past on your day in power? x

screaminremo303 said...

Karl Rove is gay? So what? My axe is with people who think everyone within a respective organization marches in lock-step, philosophically and otherwise, with the company line. Everyone has a boss who signs the paychecks. It is entirely possible to perform your job duties without sharing the doctrine, which pisses off my Chief on a regular basis.

judithheartsong said...

oh no..... we don't want to claim him as one of ours. :):):) One scary dude. judi

gailmb said...

Huzzah, Mrs. L! A voice of reason and common sense! Keep it up.

gaboatman said...

Salt sucks sodium out of the bones?  I was taught salt is sodium.  Sodium chloride to be exact, NaCl.  Why would it suck sodium out of the bone Suzy?    Now, as for axes, mine are all resting safely in the corner gathering dust, thank you very much.

artloner said...

Scribby resents the "screw the pooch" comment Very Greatly.

ps: I heard Karl Rove was dating Rush Limbaugh...or was it Jerry Faldwell?  I always get them confused.



bluwave9 said...

Let me finish my Diet Coke and ciggy and I'll get back to you with my list of axes.  I know they're around here somewhere.

salemslot9 said...

use kosher salt :)

jevanslink said...

I'm telling ya -- it ain't the salt.  The salt in the diet stuff keeps you from losing weight because you retain fluids more. Oh, hell, I give up.  Ha.  Mrs. L