Saturday, September 17, 2005

Which One of These People is Named Jane?


Okay, enough with the baby pictures.  How about something a little more Hollywood?  One of these two people is someone named Jane.  Do you know which one it is?  Here's a hint:

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Don't you think my good friend Nan [in the first pic] looks as Hollywood as our action hero? Not bad for a grandma of ten. Bitch.


jckfrstross said...

Well i hope it is the woman lol


mombzbe said...

I know!  I know!  I know!!
It's the hunky guy in the middle...rrrrrrr.  Thomas Jane.  Very nice, Mrs. L. (although, he looks a little sloshed, lol--like it matters, right?)

bluwave9 said...

Keyword:  Hollywood.  Oh, and also the posters on the table that say Thomas Jane on them.  Hubba hubba!
A cute man, an even cuter are doing wonders for my biological clock.

jevanslink said...

Can't fool you people for very long can I?  Mrs. L

gaboatman said...

Mrs. l
Yes, your friend Nan is, indeed, looking quite Hollywood in the picture above.  The posters on the table were the giveaway re the boy name Jane.  Nan looks like she is really enjoying herself.

jevanslink said...

Does it help that her husband took the picture?  Mrs. L

barbaramck said...

Lordy Mrs L, you just made my day.

<huge sigh><bigger grin><weak knees>


If you like baseball movies, check out "61*" Tommy boy plays Mickey Mantle like nobody's business. A Billy Crystal film and one of my favorites.

Now, I'm off to daydream about being punished *wink*

Happy Sunday,

Barb @>------

robbush6 said...

Yeah, it helps. Our dear boy Jane has made our good friend Nan's nipples hard.