Saturday, October 8, 2005

More VIVI Journal Nominee Pimping

SWIBIRUN, Inane Thoughts and Insane Ramblings: Best Family Journal. Instead of a mom, I voted for a dad, more specifically, a husband.  I love what he writes about his wife and their relationship.  But he's also inspriational and thought provoking, too, with his quest for personal growth. So take your pick.

Jayveeconcerto of One Way Passage.  I voted for him as Most Thought Provoking.  He stirs up everything in technicolor words.  He also makes everybody rethink how they write. And what they write about.

La Vida Mommy's journal got my vote for Best Kept Secret. Remo has pimped her in his journal before. High praise coming from someone who can take her away in handcuffs if he feels like it.  [Her husband could too -- he's also in law enforcement.] But she fits in the Best Family category also.  And funniest.   She writes wonderful stories about her family.  Charming, engaging, well-written, and laugh out loud funny, so help make sure she gets a nomination in some category.


psychfun said...

Can you make your mentiones in your journal a link so we can easily access their journals & take a peak! :-) Thanks!

jevanslink said...

They're all linked over in my other journals listings.  Creating links on a MAC annoys me and multiple links annoy me even more.  So just look to your left and you can find them -- all except Jeffcomedy.  And I'll take care of linking him shortly.  Mrs. L

mombzbe said...

Aw, shucks, thanks Mrs. L.  
Remo pimps me so my husband won't "accidentally" Tase him. lol

judithheartsong said...

yep yep and yep. judi

chasenkids said...

La Vida Mommy got a nomination from me too.. another great blog. I'm off to check the others you mentioned.