Saturday, October 8, 2005

Vote for Jeff for SOMETHING

Jeffcomedy of What the. . .Hell? is back again after a second hiatus.  And he's writing up a storm of great stuff.

I like this new version of Jeff.  He's not going for the joke so hard and his overall writing is even better, if that's possible, because he's taking on broader subjects thanks to his idea to get us to tell him what to write about.

He'll be nominated for most humorous this year for sure, but I already voted for Yakvette, so other people will have to think he's funny, since my vote is gone. Shouldn't be too difficult.

However, I did vote to nominate him in another category. He fits in more than one I think you'll find.

By the way, it took me an hour to upload all the URLs at the voting site.  And I didn't even vote for every category.

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