Saturday, October 8, 2005


What with the BelfastCowboy flaming out by going private, I'd like to nominate someone else for the Well-Written VIVI.  I hope she doesn't mind.

Cynthia of Sorting the Pieces [check the link in Other Journals] has won the Judithheartsong Award twice. She writes with such substance and thinks so much like a philosopher that it's hard to believe she's not teaching college somewhere.

In fact the Cowboy has mentioned her writing to me when we've exchanged emails about good essays. I was saving her journal for one of the other awards, but when this one became available, in a manner of speaking, I thought, no, this is where Cynthia belongs. On my list anyway.

Her writing is precise, concise, and as tasty as the dessert table in a four star restaurant. That whole grammar thing she's got nailed, although that's only part of what makes her great.


artloner said...

I concur!

Damn that Cowboy.


ksquester said...

I LOVE Cynthia....she can make me think, laugh and cry all in the same post! Anne

sistercdr said...

Mrs. L, thank you so much.  Coming from a writer like you, this is truly an honor. (Paul had my nomination, but I forgot that he'd gone private, then I went for the faux cowboy.)

judithheartsong said...

Cynthia's writing is becoming more deliscious by the minute. Yes. judi