Friday, October 7, 2005

Most Humorous Journal

Aside from the fact I can't find where to post my nominations, I'm not even sure if Most Humorous is actually the name of the category in the VIVI competition. But you get the idea.

By the way, don't you find that there are so many links to so many different things for the VIVIs that it's confusing?

Regardless, my nomination for the journal that has me snorting and blowing fluids from my nose and mouth if I'm not careful is Do I Amuse You?  [Link to come]. Yakvette writes funny like some people drink beer. Every week or two she goes on a binge.  

Over time she has created an entire lexicon of Yak-isms that I have even picked up myself.

Her signature use of "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"  to indicate a moment of personal amusement sounds like full blown gut busting belly womper just reading it. Plus you can gage the amount and quality of her laughter by the number of "A's" that follow the "H."

"Asshead" is another favorite Yakvette descriptor which provides an amusing visual to accompany its insulting intention.

And who could forget the main character in most of her entries, the irrepressible Ray, her very own Jim Carrey in suburban Connecticut, who plays her husband in real life.

Not to mention the number of times and creative ways she weaves the size of her breasts into each story.

She has a gift. I'm still trying to find out what it is, but meanwhile I can't stop laughing.


screaminremo303 said...

The funniest woman out here, hands down. Or shirt up.

jevanslink said...

You know, maybe there should be two awards.  One for the funniest guy.  One for the funniest woman.  Mrs. L

myheartsaysso2 said...

Will have to check her journal out..

pollysci said...

very nice!


swibirun said...

She was my nomination for funniest or most humorous journal, also!  Yakvette has probably ruined more keyboards and monitors across Jland as she shares her infinite wisdom.  Ray has his hands full, doesn't he?