Monday, June 5, 2006


Unhappily married woman in Illinois with four young children starts writing an AOL journal.

She begins internet "correspondence" with Michigan man who also has a journal.

She believes he is a successful financial adviser and a decorated former member of the Special Forces.  

Unhappily married woman ends marriage. Coincidence?  I think not.

Internet thing becomes live action thing.

Michigan man moves to Illinois in December 2005 to live with woman and her four children in her home following her divorce.

Have I mentioned her children?

Illinois woman tells a friend Michigan man is going to make her rich.

Michigan man and Illinois woman stop writing in their journals for the most part. Why bother?

In May 2006, a new entry is suddenly posted in the man's journal, Surrounded by Nincompoops.

It is written by a woman who claims she is the wife of the Michigan man. Among other things, she says Michigan man is not who he says he is. 

In a follow up IM, she says one day he told her he was going out to get a new wedding ring for himself [to please her] and she wondered why he didn't come back. 

In an email to this writer, the Illinois woman claims the Michigan man divorced this wife in 2001. And gave her a substantial settlement.

Wife in Michigan says nope -- never happened. After checking with her attorney just to be sure.

Prior to Michigan man's disappearance in December, he emails wife a copy of an email letter that appears to be from the Army. With a job offer.

Turns out the military does not offer people jobs via email, even retired lieutenant colonels. Especially PRETEND retired lieutenant colonels. No matter how many dot.govs and General Bag o Winds' names are on it.

[The FBI is still laughing over that one.]

On his way to buy ring before re-upping into the Army, Michigan man plans quick stop in Chicago. Time to defend self in person before the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

Client got hinky about his trading practices. 

House of cards begins to tumble.

Good bye dear wife in Michigan, I must go now. Errands to run before I get my gun.

Instead Michigan man apparently drives not to Chicago, jewelry store or the Army, but to Southern Illinois to be with woman with four children, never to return. 

Wife says he did email and call. Hello dear wife, I'm in the Army now.  I hate missing Christmas with you and the kids.

In March of 2006, a newspaper in Michigan alleges that the still married man now living in Illinois with another woman faces multiple lawsuits and huge fines for bilking hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars in a hedge fund Ponzi scheme.  Michigan wife feels shock and awe.

Wife's name is on his businesses so she is also being sued.

Fraud comes to light when clients suddenly cannot reach him. Computers for his businesses disappear.

Wife in Michigan says she learns he doesn't have a license to trade.

She also accuses husband of lying about his alleged twenty year career in the Special Forces after contacting the Army while trying to find out where he was.

Wife claims the Army says runaway husband received a less than honorable discharge when he was still in his teens and they haven't seen him since. 

Illinois woman claims that the Army would not tell the wife anything because of his "clearance."

Michigan man's friend of thirty years is affected by Ponzi scheme. Two sons who worked with man are also affected. Six more children who have considered him a father, biological and otherwise, are affected. Plus there are four more kids who will be affected.

Did I mention yet another woman he was also having an affair with? She paid a visit to his wife in Michigan.

Is your score card running out of room?

Writer of this journal emails woman in Illinois to inform her of the article about the lawsuits and says, in effect, are you nuts?

No reply.

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onmiownnow2 said...

What a terrible shame.  I'll keep the wife and kids in my thoughts and prayers.  Thanks for letting us all know.  Lisa

ber144 said...

Sounds like James Frey stopped by that journal a time or two.  I had never read that particular one before.  

suzypwr said...

Illinois woman keeps books for the Michigan man, but swears nothing is wrong. Of course not. Two million dollars are allegedly involved.


onemoretina said...

I'd love to see this prize catch.   Tina  

onemoretina said...

.... Oops, I spoke too soon !  Tina

rgossett4195 said...

So what his wife said in his journal IS true!  wow!  rose~

lacaza3 said...

wow Some people are amazing good at being low lifes
Donna In TEXAS

alphawoman1 said...

I know I am going to be a real butt here...but does anyone have a life any more? HOw does anyone find the time? I really liked Ty and I am surprised that this happened to his family and step-kids. But...crap like this has been happening ever since AOL-J land was born three some odd years ago. She was married to him for 15 years? And clueless for 15 years? What did he do prior to 2001? How do you fake an Army Career. My best friend is married to a Lt. Col....they are fairly high up the latter. step from General. How do you fake that and get away with it? Jeez.

alphawoman1 said...

ladder, I meant ladder. lol

jevanslink said...

Alpha --

She was not only clueless, but she has three kids who were clueless.  So were all the people who invested with him. So is his Illinois girlfriend thus far. I'm told his sister saw his uniform when he posted a picture of himself in his journal and confronted him about not being in the service.  If someone is willing to believe what you say it is possible to fake anything.  He probably said he was in the reserves, and played the Special Forces top secret mission shit to the hilt.   Mrs. L

swibirun said...

I never read his blog but wasn't he a guest editor at some point?  OMG this was wild.  You mean someone would actually lie on a blog or Myspace?  damn (ha ha)

I had to send this to Alexis for her fine perusal.

You rock Mrs. L