Sunday, July 23, 2006

Patrick's Saturday Six Driving Back from Michigan Edition

I don't know how Patrick comes up with these questions week after week. [Link to come eventually]. Same with Scalzi and his weekend assignments. I think they're both in the hundreds now. Some people just have a sense of responsiblity that goes above and beyond normal expectations. Of course, Scalzi also gets paid.

Me, on the other hand. I avoid anything that looks like an ongoing obligation like it was a festering pimple and I was a teenage girl.

This week I'm Six for Six:

1. If you had the chance to press a button and find out for sure whether or not God exists, would you take that risk, even if it meant that believers might find out there isn't one or that non-believers might find out that there is?

Personally I want to wait and find out. Like the folks who don't want to know the sex of their babies. Surprise me!!!  Either way -- God or no God -- there would still be an argument. Nobody gives up any ground when it comes to religion or politics, no matter how apparent the truth may be.

2. Whatever your position on your belief of God, if you found out beyond any doubt that you were wrong, how much do you think you would change how you live your life?

I'd still fall asleep with the TV on. Eat over the sink. And log on only to check my hit counter -- the one that I just put up again. I'll let YOU be all about making change.  

3. In honor of Planters' 100th birthday, what's your favorite kind of nut?

Jim Carrey. I'm sure I'm not alone.

4. Looking back over your high school years, what label would best describe your personality?

Skinny as a stick.  Is that a personality type? No? Oh.

How about zany then. In fact, one of my kids described me that way not too long ago. I thought I'd moved on to amusing and witty, although I'm only a heartbeat away from being a psycho bitch at any given time.  It's part of my charm.    

5. Take the quiz: How controlling are you? (Thanks to Shelly.)

My cell phone just rang four separate times. Pretty much one after another. It seemed like someone was trying to get me to answer. Nope. Not going to happen.

I could hear the ringing out in the living room, where I always seem to leave the phone when I forget to turn it off. It's after midnight. I'm in bed. Well, now I'm not in bed.  I finally got up and checked out who was calling.  There was one message. Someone I know was trying to clear his voicemail -- WTF?!!! --  but every time he pressed some button he was connected to me.  He did leave a message after the second call saying he was sorry, but that didn't stop him from calling me two more times.  Now, if that were me I would probably wait until a time when I wouldn't be WAKING PEOPLE UP to figure out the settings on my cell.  But no, the people I hang out with are from the ME ME ME generation.  Tomorrow he will get a call from me that starts out,  Hey, A**hole, what were you thinking? I could call him back now, but then I'd have to talk to him. 

Meanwhile, speaking of control freaks, or people resembling them, it turns out I'm an 8% control freak. That would make me 92% laid back. I don't care if the toilet seat is up or down. I don't care if the toilet paper pulls from the bottom or the top. I do care if you flush however.

I was warned that I'm supposed to watch out for people who want to control me. And, shockingly, there are those who think they can, not realizing that they're in control of the stuff I don't care about. However, where do they turn when the sh*t comes down and there's a crisis? Then I get to be in control. Being in charge of the remote ain't going to put out the fire. So, I'll let you handle all the small stuff. I'm big picture.

6. Did you expect a higher or lower score?

Since I only checked TWO of the questions I didn't expect a very high score.  But there was a time when I could have checked ALL the questions.  Yes, even control freaks can change.  

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swibirun said...

2.  Yaknow, I'd like to think that there would be fewer wars, but I doubt it.  
3.  Haha great answer.