Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Friend is Tripping

A friend of mine retired a few years ago and began to travel. Not content with the United States, he's been to the back country of China a couple of times, and did a tour of India a couple of other times. I don't think he's looked for the blue footed booby in the Galapagos or counted the penguins in Antarctica yet, but he's probably got enough miles by now to get a free ride to both places.

A while back he admired some photos I took. It's all about having good lenses I said, reminding him that he taught me how to shoot. So he went out and got himself a fancy new Nikon digital camera. With lovely new lenses. After a few tries, he said I was right.  It IS the lens. I don't know anyone else as skilled at giving a compliment.  Or as oblivious to how quickly he takes it away.

This picture of some African Kudu is an example of his rediscovered skills. Good one, Hume. 

Not content to stay home to wash his underwear and get the bugs out of his teeth, he immediately went off on a many thousand mile trip from Texas to lots of places in Colorado with his ex. Actually it was only a few hundred miles. But when you're traveling with former loved ones it just seems longer. 

Before that -- only a month before that, if I'm calculating correctly -- he was in Namibia [for the birth of Angelina's baby? Remind me to ask]. He was also in Botswana which is the country next door. At some point he was also in London and stayed at The Hague in Amsterdam.

Sorry my guided tour is disjointed. We were chatting on the phone as I was driving back from yet another marketing excursion to Ann Arbor last week, so I may have missed a few details at eighty miles an hour. [Yes, I drove ten over the speed limit like everyone else. Judging from the number of state troopers who were clocking us and not chasing us -- that is an acceptable speed.  However, I wish you could have seen the guy in the bright yellow Corvette who flew by me, only to leave treadmarks on the road trying to slow down to something under 100 as he simultaneously whipped over to the right lane and hid behind a truck. The cop must have been laughing so hard he let him go.]

But I digress. Camera boy is now making plans to go to Slovenia shortly. As soon as he can figure out where it is.  Myself?  I'll be at the Sears automotive place for new brakes. It's like going to Mexico, but I can drink the water. 


psychfun said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! You sure your friend doesn't need a travel buddy? I'm up for it! :-)

emmapeeldallas said...

Hey, it WAS several thousand miles...I blogged about it!  He is a good photographer, isn't he?

Judi aka the ex