Monday, July 17, 2006

Virally Yours

This email arrived in the afternoon today. I deleted the other email I posted this morning at the request of the writer.  It was funnier and more like his real self. But, it wasn't as PC as it should have been. Meanwhile, he supplied me with this tame replacement.  I still think the Grudge Report is fun.  NOTE: He doesn't captialize very often, but I just left things the way he wrote them anyway.  I'm a control freak, but I pick my occasions.

We needed to promote a film called "The US Vs. John Lennon," which shows the parallels between Nixon and Bush, Iraq and Vietnam, and also shows how the Nixon administration abused its power to harass John and Yoko because they did not agree with what they said. It is a film that comes along at a perfect time, as we head into an election with the nation divided on the current foreign policy.

to make the point more clearly, a viral site was created to put the the actual news and politics of the time in a contemporary setting.

it is based on a real, and very popular news site called The Drudge Report,

The Drudge Report recently linked to the Grudge Report as a real news story, and put a picture of Yoko up - you can see it on The Drudge Report under this headline.


you can see a trailer for the film here,

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kaydeejay5449 said...

I watched that trailer and it sure gave me a creepy flash back to the early 70's.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up and my skin crawled especially when the one guy talked about how the Nixon and Bush administrations minipulate the Constitution to fit their purposes.  It is so scary.  Freaks me out on a daily basis.  Thanks for that link.  I am going to pass it on.   Kathy