Monday, September 4, 2006


I had a Princess Diana moment when I woke up and learned that Steve Irwin was dead. It didn't seem possible. What are the chances of being stung in the heart by a manta ray? Okay, pretty good when you're swimming up close and personal with them I guess. But I bet most people are like me and just assumed he would die rasslin' a crocodile.

Even though The Crocodile Hunter was a wild and crazy guy who got in trouble for carrying his baby into the croc bin, his enthusiasm and love for animals was infectious. And there was a charming love story about him and his wife, Terri.

She is American. Also a naturalist I believe. She went to Australia with a friend and they made a visit to his zoo. When the Croc guy and Terri met, they both were so smitten that Terri's friend took a picture of the two of them right after introductions.

Do you have a picture of the first time you met that special person in your life? Probably not, since photos taken in clubs are usually pretty dark. But maybe you had an introduction in the sunlight, say when you hit someone's car and the police recorded the occasion? I know I don't have a photo of the first time I met anyone I had a longterm relationship with. Except in my mind's eye. 

I also realize we all have other relationships that many consider equally as important as the men and women in our lives, but pictures of the day you brought home your favorite pet, Bowser, aren't quite the same. Ya know?

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screaminremo303 said...

Steve Irwin lived a life the rest of us only dream of. The best job in the world, the girl you love, and a couple of beautiful kids. He lived as an example to everyone who can't seem to get off their butt to walk their dog in the rain.

God musta needed a good wrangler.