Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Eating Healthy American Style

Over the years my breakfast has evolved from fried eggs sunnyside up, basted in bacon grease with two slices of the bacon that made the grease, plus a side of toast and butter, to Raisin Bran cereal with a large glass of fresh OJ, to my most recent preference, a container of peach or cherry Yoplait yogurt.  [Not that there hasn't been the occasional fall off the wagon into a pile of sweet rolls, French toast with lots of syrup, or when the craving hits, a Micky D's sausage burrito]. 

I still drink fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice early and often, but I switched from cereal to yogurt because I'm usually eating breakfast in the car on the way somewhere and it seemed like a better idea. Despite those convenient cereal cups, it only took one spill into the console to make me switch for good.

When I was new to the goodness of yogurt I tried a spoonful of plain and almost did a Jerry Lewis spit take before finding a napkin to deposit it into. This taste-free occasion was followed by discovering the fruit at the bottom yogurt, which still required stirring it all up to make the flavor palatable. And there was always the chance of getting a big chunk of plain yogurt without any fruit in it to cut the curdled taste. Causing me to search for a napkin to unload it.

Then I found Yoplait custard style yogurt in which everything was already blended and had a pudding like consistency. Did I mention sweet? Anything that makes an attempt to resemble dessert is okay in my book.

I even learned to love Yoplait's fat free yogurt flavors without having to resort to the custard style, just to get it down. Baby steps. Food as medicine has never been my forte. Over time I was very proud of myself for actually starting to like the flavor of yogurt. Well, America's version of yogurt. For some reason I thought it actually resembled real yogurt. Until I tasted the English version and realized that REAL yogurt, even with fruit in it, tastes muy horrible. The way it's supposed to. 

I have actually learned to look forward to my peach or cherry Yoplait in the morning. Now something even more wonderful has happened. About a month ago I discovered Yoplait Whips.

Is it possible that something they call yogurt could actually taste this good?  It has the consistency of mousse. No really, it does. And it tastes wonderful. Not a hint of yogurt taste. What could be more perfect? The first time I tried the peach I seriously wondered if you could light some brandy over the top and call it dessert.  No, I didn't go there. I'm sure there's enough sugar in there to qualify.

Well, I'm off to work. As I walk out my back door, I'll stop by the fridge and grab one of the raspberry chocolate Yoplait Whips I purchased over the weekend.  I haven't tried the taste yet, but I can't wait.  It sounds so GOOOOOOOOD. 


screaminremo303 said...

I'm not touching this one.

mosie1944 said...

One of the few things Cliff hates is yogurt:  any kind, any flavor.  He's tasted it often enough, because I get it for me and the granddaughters.  That wouldn't be enough breakfast for me, just one container of yogurt.  

suzypwr said...

I have tried and tried, and yogurt still makes me gag!


mombzbe said...

I like those too.  It's like you're doing something baaad, early in the morning.
I suppose I could cave and do the super-uber-duper Mom thing and make my own yogurt, but I think I handle enough wild bacteria in my day already.