Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's That Time Again

I guess some folks are going to continue the tradition and have the VIVIs again. The awards that honor what passes for writing here at AOL.  I'll post a link LATER to last year's nominees so you can see how many of those blogs have gone to blogger.

That reminds me.  I have a blog over on blogger that I haven't posted in for over a month.  Ooops.

In all the categories for VIVIs there was nothing that honored what we who keep journals in J-Land value more than life itself:


Honoring the most amusing commenter allows people who keep private journals to compete for a chance to win something. Obviously people with private journals can't compete to win one of the VIVIs because their journals are PRIVATE.  Ya know?

But comments are public. 

Last year the competition was close. It came down to the wire. As I recall,  in a very entertaining audio entry, I chose the winner of the only category I had -- funniest comment writer in this journal -- by putting all the names of the nominees in a hat, closing my eyes and choosing one.

I think Remo won.  But he had to beat Bosox [JOHN of Dating Psychopaths] and Swibirun [Chris of Inane and Insane].  There was someone else I believe, maybe even two more people, but I'd have to go back into the archives and find out who they were. Anna at La Vida Mommy? And I bet YAKVETTE [Root of Do I Amuse you]? I think she was one. She does amuse me. When she comments, that is, which is getting as rare as sex in the second year of marriage lately. But these are things I can check out later.  After my drugs kick in.

My awards were called the CHROMOS, since the VIVIs try to maintain a modicum of decorum and I wasn't going to fall for that shit. I don't remember why I called them the CHROMOS, but I do remember  the picture of the award looked like a chrome head on a Harley Davidson or the knob off a personal gratification device.  That was all the winner got -- congratulations and a gander at a picture of the award.  Like I'm going to spend money.

Anyway -- this year I would like to expand the comment categories. Several came to mind:  Most self serving.  Most typos.  Most annoying.  

So let's do the Writer Who Made the Funniest Comment[s] again. I do like to encourage laughter here. AND how about a new one called the the Writer Most Likely To Be Shitfaced While Commenting.

A quick review of several recent comments and you can see there is quite a field to choose from, especially in our new category.

So, feel free to express your opinion about who should be nominated -- in the comments, of course.  I will probably ignore you and choose who I want. But that's how it goes most of the time around here anyway.

I'll post the nominees two weeks from today.  If I forget, somebody remind me.


swibirun said...

Another category:  Most Likely to Receive a Restaining Order from The Blog Author?  

What about Most Likely To Use A Double Entendre?  

ladeeoftheworld said...

The Longest Run-On Sentence.
Poorest Grammar.

I love the run on sentence bloggers though.  I read their journals quickly albeit frantically.

xzasporated1 said...

Did somebody say shitfaced commenter?

I thought I heard my name.

~~ jennifer

mombzbe said...

If you truly have a shitfaced commenter award, I will absolutely put forth my best shitfaced effort.
Yup.  I'll drink to that...and answer the age old question, do sippy cups get you drunk quicker than straws?

thisismary said...

I wanna be the funny one, but (sigh) as I usually comment in the evening, odds are ...  anyone need a refill? Ha!

floralilia said...

pull my finger...

yakvette said...

How about:

Writer Most Likely to Take Her Top Off And Comment About The Wonders of Her Massively Hot Brestesses While Simultaneously Rubbing Baby Oil All Over Matthew McConaughy's Six-Pack Abs.


East Coast representin', yo!


bosoxblue6993w said...

i hope your internal organs are in better shape than your memory.    awards last year for the best COMMENTS were the VULVI awards.     the CHROMOS were awards, never given, for unrecognized and under-appreciated blogs.     the CHROMO itself, i believe, was a knob from a Fender Stratocaster...and NOT from the business end of a vibrator!

armandt said...

Hey look Mrs L...  Yakvette created a category just for you!

jevanslink said...

Been there.  Done that.  

Mrs. L