Saturday, September 9, 2006

Ta Do List

If you're like me you make a list of things to do and lose it. So I thought I would just put it here. Maybe you can figure out where I'm going and why. These are the things I didn't get to last week because I was working when I thought I wouldn't be working.

DSW/Nrdstrm shoes -- two pairs of flats that would fit Shaquille O'Neal
L and T stockings -- patterns? opaques?
Pick up dry cleaning or you won't have anything to wear
Wash clothes -- or buy underwear
Pick up new slacks tomorrow
Find 85 mm lens -- Pack N70
Get batteries for cameras
Pick up digital camera from shop
Put necklace in velvet bag in black purse
Take silver purse?
Extra make up -- bronzer, brown pencil, new lipstick, gloss
L'Oreal roots
Get shampoo/conditioner in squeeze tubes
Two kinds of money
Figure out what you're going to wear for each day or else
Drop off CD to JB before trip
Call GB about party before trip


ksquester said...

Sounds like you are going across the pond..........but if you are buying new underware, you are meeting a very wonderful "friend"    Anne

jevanslink said...

"Friend?"  At 62, the only one around here is my pllumber's friend.  Actually I'm only getting new underwear if I'm too lazy to wash the dirty stuff.  And by dirty stuff I don't mean Victoria's Secret.  She doesn't sell many sports bras.  

Mrs. L

ladeeoftheworld said...

Sadly I have reached the age where I currently have a 6-pack of new Kmart underwear in the trunk of my car.  The plastic bag is haphazardly torn and one pair is already missing.  Might as well leave the remaining 5 where they are.

TMI?  Sorry.........

screaminremo303 said...

I'm guessing you're off somewhere that requires underwear.

I'll leave the porchlight on for you.