Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chicago To Have Plumbing Soon

My Martha Stewart friend got a great deal on dining room chairs from an interior decorator she knows in Atlanta. She had them shipped to her house in Texas. Then she had them reupholstered and sent to her daughter in Chicago. I guess she thought you couldn't get things like chairs here.

I sat in one of those bargain chairs the other night. It was too low. Even though it was on casters.  No wonder they were on sale. How low is too low?  You could scrape the food off your plate straight into your mouth. It made me wonder whether anybody sat on them before making the purchase. Oh, wait, I've met that interior decorator. She's very short. She probably sat on them and her feet reached the floor so they were good to go.

The next night I was having dinner at another friend's house. I noticed she had the same dining room chairs. Different upholstery. Uh-oh, I wondered how low to the ground they were. They weren't. I could tell because my knees weren't dragging on the floor. Plus I could use my fork to lift the food to my mouth to eat.

So where did you get these chairs, I asked?  Atlanta?  No. A local place. Here in Chicago?  Yes.

Who knew.


sdoscher458 said...

You had me laughing right at the Mother is under 5' tall and complains about chairs and couches being "too big".  So every item that would come into the house that you would sit on had to pass her "height Inspection".  Needless to say we taller impaired persons learned to eat with our knees in our necks...Sandi

onemoretina said...

She had to pay to have them shipped to her, then paid to have them reupholstered, then paid shipping charges yet again.  And they turned out to be Baby Bear size.  Sounds like they didn't end up being much of a deal.  Tina

screaminremo303 said...

It's nice to see those restitution payments haven't crimped her style. Do chairs from Chicago smell like bratwurst? Most of the people do.

jevanslink said...

Milwaukee "seats" smell like brats. Chicago smells like pizza.  

Mrs. L