Saturday, March 17, 2007


Some guy was on the radio the other day having a hissy fit about people calling our semi annual changing of the clocks DAYLIGHT SAVINGS.  He felt it was his duty to point out that the correct designation is DAYLIGHT SAVING.  No "S".  I, for one, was shocked and appalled that anyone would be shocked and appalled over something so completely unimportant.

Not content to give it a rest and move on, he spent another five minutes criticizing some TV anchor who continually said SAVINGS, even though the graphic said SAVING. Oh, the humanity. You woulda thought the guy's fly was open and his willie was hanging out.

Bite me.

Every so often, somebody around here gets their knickers in a knot over SOLDIER FIELD. For years people who don't know any better have mistakenly called it SOLIDER'S FIELD. Or maybe they meant SOLDIERS', since it was built to honor ALL the soldiers, not just one. But the fact remains, somebody named it SOLDIER FIELD, which means that adding the "S" is a travesty or something. Thank goodness there are people who consider it their personal duty to make sure you know these things.  Of course, since they added a multi-gazillion dollar addition to the field, most of us just call it the Flying Saucer. 

Bite me again.

Same for Canada geese, which the uninitiated call CANADIAN geese. The damn birds are from Canada, which makes them CANADIAN in my book, even though they never seem to go back there anymore because it's easier to leave their poop on our lawns down here. But for some reason you're a rube if you don't call them CANADA geese.

Following that logic, AMERICAN IDOL should be AMERICA IDOL.

Bite me bite me bite me bite me.

Which gets me to thinking about other names of things. The ones that backfire. Comiskey Park, which some people insisted on calling CoMINsky Park was torn down a few years ago. In its place we now have a concrete and steel monstrosity which, for 20 million hardearned corporate marketing dollars, was renamed US Cellular Field. Of course, for awhile a lot of us diehard White Sox fans continued to call the new place Comiskey. Until everybody started calling it THE CELL. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about how annoyed the corporate peeps gotta be over that one.

Nyquil's daytime counterpart used to be called DayCare. But everybody called it DAYQUIL for so long they just gave up and changed the name. 

Power to the people!


lacaza3 said...

some people need to get a life..they worry so much about "s" on a word and not on stuff that matters in life...I agree bite me..
Donna In Texas

screaminremo303 said...

One man's semantics is another man's Paxil.

hewasolddog299 said...

And all this time I thought it was called "DayQuil"!

psychfun said...

Screamin is a hoot! You know I heard that goofy guy on the radio too! I was yelling back at him that it is a SavingS to me so who is the idiot! I'd like to see him go talk in Ireland or London! HA! I think he is not getting enough!

thisismary said...

Chicago is in Illinoi -- isn't it?  Maybe ...

stupidsheetguy said...

I'm so embarrassed...I kept looking for your Journal (found it on "People Connection") but I, umm, was looking for Mrs. LinkLETTER. Sigh. I guess that's why no one seems to forget my name...

Stupid Jimmy

PS nice to have found you again.

eilenbug said...


onemoretina said...

Obsessing about dumb stuff ... like adding an 'S' to a phrase ... is God's way of saying you have waaay too much free time.   These folks need to get a life, and soon.  Tina

mombzbe said...

You never know what will push some people over the edge.

Sometimes it's world hunger, sometimes it's an extra "S".