Saturday, May 19, 2007


There were two things that I became addicted to when I started writing this journal. One was the counter. The other was the number of comments. Or more accurately, the QUALITY of the comments.

After the counter self-molested itself any number of times, I just took it down. Since re-hab doesn't work the first time, I lost my mind and put up the counter one final time, like a drunk who thinks they can stop when they want to. Next time it farouked up, because it WILL, you know, I just took it down forever. And I don't miss it. Really, I don't. Hello, my name is Mrs. Linklater and I'm an addicted to the number of people who stop by my journal.

As for the comments, I have a great appreciation for funny people, since I considered myself funny at one time. Living alone I can't tell anymore. You don't get the same audience feedback. 

However I don't count people who think that telling joke after joke is amusing. They aren't funny to me. They just have a skill -- remembering somebody else's funniness.

The ones I admire are the ones with the ability to write the quick and funny quip. At my expense, usually.  If I need a laugh, I can come here and be razzed by some of the best. I rate the quality of my entries based not on how many comments I get, but on how hard I laughed at the insults, sardonic observations and flat out jabs -- all in fun of course, to clarify for those of you who lack humor skills.

There was a time when having large numbers of comments was important, although the most I ever got was when I was the Guest Editor and people were forced to come here. I think that number got up to thirty-eight, which is just an average day for a lot of people.

To get that many on a regular basis I know I would have to market myself by reading lots of really crap journals and leaving a smarmy comment with my link so they'll come visit. I gave that up when I began to get some people coming here that wrote like they smelled bad. No thank you.

I'll take quality over quantity anytime, even though that sounds like I'm rationalizing why I don't have a lot of comments. I have the ones I want. They read my journal and make me laugh. Thank you.

Meanwhile, I miss some of the wild and crazy people who used to stop by and don't anymore. For various reasons they've stopped writing or they may not be reading or maybe they're just lurking these days. 

But  I don't miss the people who never learned how to read for comprehension, although I've never claimed to be comprehensible. They find one phrase and chomp down on it like a bone. Only it turns out they grabbed a snake. Gotta look at all the words, dumbass.

By keeping my profile low after the blow up when everyone fled AOL, I don't have to deal with the EEEEEEEWWWWWW factor so much.  EWWWW, why is this person reading my journal? Please go away.

You begin to understand why celebrities have bodyguards. Not that I'm a celebrity. But complete strangers can come here and say strange things and not clean up after themselves.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere I'm thinking. Just wanted to write something after a long work week. I had to go to TWO meetings!!  And write emails. Sheesh.


psychfun said...

Well had I known...ha! Well you know you can't account for the taste of White Sox fans!

Sounds like your addiction is under control...not mine. Now I'm addicted to that new map of where your readers are coming from...have you seen that?

Just make sure your tetnus shot is current & then use a condom! :-)

suzypwr said...

I am still reading, Mrs L - but only smart off when I can't control myself :)


lanurseprn said...

I read your journal regularly. I don't comment though. I don't know why I don't.  But, that's gonna change...a little! <smile>  

acoward15 said...

I had to download my own coumter as the AOL counter frequently returns to zero for no apparent reason.

robingrg2 said...

Lurker here.  I read your journal everyday and have for well over a year.  I rarely leave comments.  Actually, I don't think I've left one since you asked everyone for their opinion on which new picture you should use.  I voted for the curly hair.  Usually my thoughts on your posts are the same as the comments that are already there so I don't bother.  Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy your journal.  I've gotten quite a few laughs from your posts and Remo's comments.  Hate that he had to go private.  I loved his journal!  Still waiting on a new post over at Ask Mrs. Linklater!

Robin in Texas

screaminremo303 said...

I liked the counter until I realized that I could fudge with it by logging into my own journal. That seems like masturbating without closing your eyes. Pointless, but I get the same audience reaction.

See what happens when I play hookey from work? Stuff this good usually gets wasted on people who call 9-1-1.

easuess said...

I don't know if I should dignify this post with a response.

mombzbe said...

You're not alone with the counter issue.

Mine reclaims its virginity all the time.  Reset to zero and start over.  Ha, if only it were that easy....

swibirun said...

I love the comments for feed back also.  Like you, there are some commentators who just make my day.  Just seeing their name in the comment section makes me smile.  What I find in common with all my favorite commentors are the following traits:
1 - high level of intelligence
2 - keen ability to make fun of themselves and myself
3 - have a doctorate in "smart assery"
4 - can respond to a serious post with meaningful material when needed.
5 - can make me re-evaluate one or more of my positions

bluwave9 said...

I think the only time I jabbed you in a comment was when I poked some fun at your "Wolverine gloves".  Remember those?

I'd prefer to make more of those quick and funny quips in my comments, but I'm not that consistent.  Or that quick.


ber144 said...

I always feel a certain amount of pressure to come up with something good to leave here.  Comments should be an addition to the entry.  And this one probably isn't.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
After such a crushing work week I am surprised you had time to write anything at all.  I always read all of the comments on any of your posts.  Sometimes they are just as entertaining as the post itself.  Glad you held out for the quality factor!