Saturday, May 19, 2007


I notice that my Heartsong Award can't be viewed. On both the AOL browser and FiREFOX. Is that just on MY computer? Or is everybody getting that message? I clicked on EDIT to see what was wrong with the ABOUT ME section. And THERE"S NOTHING THERE to edit.

I can see a picture of myself in the ABOUT ME section next to my most recent entry. But when I click on EDIT to move it or anything, it ain't there.

Not to mention what's going on with loading pictures to my blog from my FTP space. Which I can't do anymore. Crapola.

The problem with technology is that it feels like changes are made just to make changes. Usually the IMPROVEMENT just seems to mean relearning how to do the same bunch of stuff a new way. It's not faster. It's not easier. It's just different.

Frankly, I really resent having to waste so much time figuring out the new way to do the thing I already knew how to do.

Then, even after I think I've got the NEW METHOD licked, another twenty something nerdnik in a flannel shirt has a eureka moment and I'm SOL again.

Whine whine whine whine whine.


mutualaide said...

It's here.  I see it.  Honest!  First your smiling face, then Heartsong ...

psychfun said...

Perhaps you didn't hear about the changes last week? I had my pictures of my babies missing last week but just reloaded them. I refreshed my pages now & they are there so perhaps you are just noticing the problem from last week? I like the picture upload a bit better now, because you can click in the text & it just loads it rather than load them all, then get the properties URL & then insert. I'm not sure I like the other way of just loading & it shows them moving slowly. That I really don't care for. There seems to be the ability to have video now so that is cool. Joe had an example on his webpage last week. I think you may like it after you learn it. Change doesn't have to be bad either just because it is different. Seems younger & younger we don't like change. My students at 18 yrs now don't like change from HS to college or that all the profs do things differently...geez...welcome to life huh! :-)

robingrg2 said...

The block that's right under your picture says "image currently not available" and has been that way for quite some time.  I use Yahoo! web browser.

Robin in Texas

screaminremo303 said...

I've got a stack of "updates" that keep popping up, telling me to install them. The last time I fell for that one it took me a week to get my computer working again.

The check is in the mail. Sure, I'll call you in the morning. I promise, it's good for your skin - it's protein, right?

mombzbe said...

Changes?  What changes?

I got an update for aol RIGHT HERE.