Saturday, June 2, 2007

Damn Cute Baby Alert!!!

My nephew Chris in a photo that his
dad sent to me to save for future
blackmail opportunities.


ksquester said...

More interesting than the spelling bee.........or is it bea?  (Who cares)  Now THIS is a cute baby!   Anne

cberes1 said...

Damn cute is right!!  

jayveerhapsody said...

Cute picture.
I was also bathed in a sink when I was a baby, but nothing nearly as modern as this. In my time, they used lye soap. And the sink was probably crafted during the Taft presidency.   J.

easuess said...

This happens so frequently these days, I wonder if any of us can be truly embarrassed by the sink bath pictures. You want blackmail? Catch him when he's 15, naked, and taking a bath in the sink.

mombzbe said...

Have a picture of chubby Ben in the sink like this, and he's brushing his teeth.

Not that he'd fit in the sink now!  :)
P.S.  That is an adorable baby--

psychfun said...

Adorable. He looks like a charmer already!