Sunday, January 13, 2008

2007 Bloggie Winners

It must be time for the 2008 Bloggie awards -- where the most creative, well written,  etc., etc., blogs are given their due. You'll note that not one AOL journal was in the running. There's a shock.

Here's a link to last year's winners, along with all the rules and regs for playing the game. You won't be disappointed.


ber144 said...

For whatever reason, the blogosphere equates having an AOL journal with going into a fine steakhouse and ordering a cheeseburger.  

I wonder if there is a category for "journal that used to be about anything but now is all about baby stuff"?

mosie1944 said...

Oh yeah, that's how I discovered "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman".  She was "best-kept secret".  She is secret no more!  When she holds a contest, she gets over 2,000 entries.

pattboy92 said...

I suspect the anti-any-other-platform-except-AOL attitude that many AOL bloggers seem to have is part of their problem when it comes to not being represented among the winners.

Just look at the way so many in "J-land" reacted when people got mad about the banner ads and left:  they stopped reading journals they LIKED...just because they were no longer on AOL!

That's a real shame.


jevanslink said...

Hiya Pat -- I also think that most of the best/creative writers [i.e. YOU] left.  As much as I love Armand, I think he set off an unnecessary firestorm.  However, now that Scalzi is gone, it feels even more empty around here.

Mrs. L

pattboy92 said...

Thanks, Mrs. L...

Very kind of you.  I didn't see the need for the continued anger over AOL that many in the "movement" seemed to feel.  For me, it was a decision based on what I wanted and what I expected for what I was paying.  I just reached a point -- helped but not DEFINED by the ads -- that AOL was no longer worth the money, and so I moved.

And in moving, I lost some readers.  But I seem to have found others.  It is what it is.

I was shocked to find so many people on AOL who said they'd refuse to visit the blog of anyone who left.  To me, that makes no sense.  I visit blogs like yours because I like the writer and the writing.  If you stay at AOL for another 50 years, I'll keep coming back.  If you move to Blogger or Wordpress, I'll find a way to track you down and keep reading.  

For me, it's all about the blog PEOPLE, not the blog PLATFORM!  :)


ber144 said...

It's a shame really.  Both you and Patrick make great points about the "exodus."  I was guest editor the week before the ads appeared, which gave me a lot of new readers, who then left as quickly as the arrived.  Never got most of them back.  I don't write solely so that many people will read me, but it was nice to feel like I had an audience for a time.

Because, you know, it's all about me...hope you are finding a way to stay warm.