Thursday, January 10, 2008

Will the Real You Please Stand Up

I think there are two things that help to reveal more about who you really are -- more than anything else.

1. How you drive your car.

2. How your dog behaves.

I can't tell you the number of people I know who are quiet, unassuming and almost shy, but turn into monsters behind the wheel of a car. I'm overstating things, but I have been surprised more than once by this car personality change. Speeding and shouting at other drivers at the two most obvious differences that leave me shaking my head.

On the other hand, most people assume that I'm an aggressive, take no prisoners driver, based on my, um, take no prisoners personality. Nope. I couldn't be more bland behind the wheel of a car. In fact, the horn on my old Audi broke and I didn't bother to get it fixed because I never had to use it. Most of the time people use the horn for punishment anyway. Beep Beep -- you're an idiot!!! 

Same thing with a lawyer I knew who was a former marine commando in Vietnam. He was very intimidating both professionally and personally. I just assumed he would also be a scary dude behind the wheel of a car. Imagine my surprise when he offered me a ride one day. Instead of speeding or driving recklessly, he drove slowly and politely like a little old man. Weird.

Pets, especially dogs, are a little different. I think a dog's breed and behavior reflect an owner's management style more than anything else. If I had an interview with someone I would ask them if they had any pets. I'd also want to know what the pets were like.  If this person was going to be my boss, I would think twice about someone who had pit bulls because they were tough. No thanks. But if they'd resuced a pit bull and it's behavior was sweet and gentle, I would be more impressed.

"We can't control him," is not something I would want to hear from a boss who has a dog. Not a good management style. Someone I know, who is kind and thoughtful and willing to do anything for people, surprised me as a pet owner. I thought she would have uncontrollable dogs, since she was so mild and meek. But they were very obedient, friendly, too, because she was able to exert control without breaking theirspirits.

The Vietnam vet had a huge black dog who only obeyed his master, deferring to him when he was home. But when the dog was left in charge he was very fierce while guarding the family. Pure commando -- willing to die for their friends. A little over the top for me. But not unexpected.

You might wonder why I didn't include cats in this seat of the pants revelation of true character.  I can only assume you've never had one.


psychfun said...

Oh I think Cats definitely work also! The breed you have & how they are, although some things can be outside your control if you get from a shelter etc. Now Ann Margret's character in Grumpy Old Men said Bathrooms were the things to look at! Think about it:

1. Way you put the paper on the roll.
2. Type of toothbrush
3. Magazines
4. Cleanliness
5. Color of towels
6. Shower items


screaminremo303 said...

If I had Ann Margaret in my bathroom, I wouldn't need magazines.

I drive really carefully and my dog has no balls. What was the question?

jevanslink said...

The only things you can tell about someone from a bathroom are their personal preferences.  Their driving habits and their pets can tell you much more about how they will behave toward you.

Mrs. L

salemslot9 said...

I'm sure medicine cabinets
say something
if you're nosy enough to look
not me
been told I'm a good driver
never had a ticket
touch wood
have a wonderful cat
she was a stray
does her business outside
got third place a few years ago
AOL Cat Of The Year
she's the white cat with
one blue eye
and one green eye :)

ber144 said...

I still wonder how Ann Margaret could have even pretended to marry Jack Lemmon.  Of course, this is from someone who still thinks of her as "Ann Margrock" from an episode of "The Flintstones" singing "I love you but I ain't gonna be your fool."

Where was I?  Oh right, we have three cats and if they were a reflection of our personalities no one would talk to us ever again.  I think I drive OK but everyone else on the road tends to drive me nuts.  And I'm terrified of dogs.

jevanslink said...

I have to pull rank here.  Ann Margret [Olson with one "S" was her last name] spells Margret without an "A". She was two years ahead of me at our high school.  She was also a class officer, cheerleader, and a star in the school musical productions. This was before Hollywood died her hair red or gave her new teeth and new boobs. Also before she slept with Elvis.

Yep, TMI.

Mrs. L

mombzbe said...

I have a lab mix (girl, got for free) and a yellow lab (boy, paid for).  She's a little hyper, but is a good dog, and he is just happy to be here.  They follow me around and lay about in whatever room I'm in.
Like the kids.
And my husband.