Saturday, January 5, 2008

Insanity Defense

Just so's ya know -- I made the mistake of uploading an entire entry about craving macaroni and cheese today, only to have it disappear because I wasn't paying attention. That's about five months' work in dog years. I even went into the reason for the craving, which was partly because I had spent the week consuming gallons of tea and honey to combat laryngitis and bronchitis. The doc had suggested I avoid anything that would build up excess [NAUSEATING WORD ALERT] phlegm. No milk, no cheese, no ice cream, no bagels and schmear, no anything I like to eat. Don't want to encourage the [HERE'S THAT WORD AGAIN] phlegm.

But I digress. Losing entries happens when you're so cheap you don't upgrade from dial up. Actually I downgraded from cable. Wasn't worth it. The only times I noticed the diff between dial up and faster than a speeding bullet was the amount of porn spam that appeared. That and the size of my phone/cable bill.

Unfortunately, the Russian Roulette version of AOL dial up I have can dial itself OFF when you're not looking. And it isn't until you click SAVE that you realize you are no longer online and whatever you just wrote is now GONE BABY GONE!!. It happens with the high speed stuff too. Only different.

Yes I was so po'd that I just left the building for the day. Those were my words you took, you freaking freaker.


sdoscher458 said...

Feel better dear...Sandi

psychfun said...

Well I lost entries with Comcast so ...but that was AOL & not Comcast. God I'd never survive with the slow loading speed of dial up. My cable is incredibly faster. Heck it is faster than the many T1 lines we have at work because they have so many computers & all the students are playing games & on Myspace etc.

Ya, asthma too they do not want dairy. I can understand that! Well, think of the good stuff...have some popsicles! :-)

salemslot9 said...

me and dairy don't mix
if there was mac & cheese
in the house
I'd want a bite
I'm also frugal
but that may change, soon
I don't write anything
long enough
important enough

swibirun said...

Southern Living's current issue has the "best-ever mac and cheese" in a brief feature.  One of the three recipes is a totally obscene Macaroini and Pimento Cheese Bites dish.

I want to try it but I need to get a prescription for Plavix or whatever you take for chloesteral issues first :)

Have a great weekend, Mrs. L


redsneakz said...

I've got a sudden urge for Tuna Noodle Casserole.  I have to find some kosher mushroom soup, though.

Well, and the fact that my sweetie hates tuna noodle casserole.