Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome to My World

I've had a weird week. For the past several days I have been at my old high school, taping members of the 2008 senior class for a video that will be presented at their grad night party in June. This task fits into the no good deed goes unpunished genre.

For my efforts, I have been nearly blow-torched by a future sculptor in the art glass class because nobody said "We have ignition."

During the meeting of the automotive club, I was sprayed with sparks from a speeding saw that regularly cuts through thousand pound I-beams. I almost looked into the blinding light of a student welder's torch as he and four other guys were trying to reattach two metal tubes they'd just taken apart and reshaped. And I definitely inhaled some noxious fumes from all the oil used to cool a spinning metal lathe. That's right, I sacrificed myself to record the construction of the club's solar car for a project that won't be finished for two more years.

It was too windy to hold the camera still so I couldn't shoot any seniors playing in a baseball game. But I did capture seniors on the lacrosse team removing the seats from a car so they could sit and watch the game after their own practice.

The next day I showed up at the Out of the Box club's meeting because I heard they did some interesting things. Like have a magician entertain them and show them sleight of hand. Or learn how to do yo-yo tricks from a pro. This time a member of the club was making a presentation about conspiracy theories. His show included a video on the 2012 Enigma, featuring a guy named David Wilcock, who looked normal, but sounded like he had made one too many trips on acid in the sixties. I made the mistake of laughing at one point. I was alone.

Next, after slowly easing my way out of their room, I wanted to catch the future Forest Gumps of America at the meeting of the Ping Pong club, but they weren't around. I did find a member of the Rubik's Cube club who was in the main lobby selling Rubik's Cubes with the school logo on them for $8. Luckily he was also selling slices of pizza for $2 or he wouldn't have made any money. 

I asked him what the club members did during their meetings. He said he would work with some of the intermediate kids on their speed. So I videotaped him showing me how fast he could do the Cube. The video looks like it's been sped up. He was that fast. 

The pizza got sold in record time too.

Next week:  Mrs. Linklater has lunch in the cafeteria.

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salemslot9 said...

the only thing I bought
at lunch was their bagels
there were soft...and warm
and had salt on them