Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do You Have A Cool Email Address?

I heard a radio discussion about email addresses yesterday on the way downtown. Apparently if your address is, you're a bona fide fuddy duddy.  Except for all the teenagers who called in and said they were on, too. Until it was pointed out that they were living at home and had to use what their parents were paying for. So the kids were fuddy duddies by association.

I guess gmail is the hot new address, if you want to be perceived as a hip and now thirty-something. But don't tell the two guys I know with gmail who are over sixty. As near as I can tell, gmail doesn't offer anything better than AOL except for the perception of six pack abs.

If you've got or or any one of the other cable hook ups for email you're probably a suburbanite, living in a big house, driving an SUV, and not worried about paying through the nose.

Most young people that I know have several email addresses. Hotmail, Yahoo, gmail, their work, their school, and even AOL, through AIM. I guess AIM doesn't count as fuddy duddy for some reason. Nobody mentioned Earthlink -- a value for the money address. One person I know with an Earthlink address is worth millions. She also doesn't mind taking the bus.
Most of my creative friends -- webmasters, fillm people, designers and illustrators are on for their work. I could be too, but I chose not to switch or add it -- too much bother. But. on reflection, it might not be a bad idea one day.  Mac users are a cliquely bunch. When you're only ten per cent of the world, you gotta stick together.

I like that I can listen to my AOL email over the phone, which I often do while driving downtown. I can also send a message via phone to another AOL email, which has freaked people out from time to time. 

I don't usually text very much -- slow thumbs -- but I could if I wanted to. Sometimes it comes in handy when the signal isn't good for making a call. I can get through by texting. I have also used AOL to send a journal entry by IM.  And I'm sure there's stuff I could do that I just don't know about.

I just remembered I know someone who has an email address with a pro sports team. Now that's cool, if you ask me.

I wonder if British royalty has an email address. Can you write to Harry and Wills or or  There's a funny one in there somewhere. Maybe I'll think of one.

Probably not.



swibirun said...

You'll never be a fuddy duddy, Mrs. L.  You're too #)$(ing cool for that, even on AOL ;)


screaminremo303 said...

I once wrote a message to U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair. I think his address ended in "UK" of something. If I get rich enough someday I want to own the URL that ends in "FU." Then I'll spend my free time emailing people in London just to be able to type in "FU.UK".

That's the kind of hairpin I am.

redsneakz said...

And of course, AOL users look down on those who still sport "" addresses.

There's always someone lower in the food chain.

thisismary said...

Sigh, even more uncool than having an @aol email, is having THAT be the longest  daily ongoing relationship in one's life.  Freaking yikes, not only am I un-cool I have been un-cool for 14 years.  Do I get points for longevity?

Mrs. L, in my book you are way cool no matter what @ you call home.


suzypwr said...

I do sometimes get embarrassed to admit I use AOL, but I still think AOL has the best email system. I don't like my email in "pages." Gmail is OK, but I rarely use it. It's boring. I am not running my email through Outlook - I prefer not to open my veins to every new virus in town and share it with my friends.



salemslot9 said...

I kind of like our "old" AOL neighborhood...