Saturday, June 7, 2008

Should I Bring My New Neighbors Some Cupcakes?

Somebody bought one of the large, ugly houses with the decorative medieval turrets that was built across the street. Not that I think these folks are longing for their hometown in Transylvania, but the name of the company that constructed the place was BALTIC.

Both houses have been on the market for almost two years, since they brought in the bulldozers and dug the first holes. Today someone seems to be moving into Count Dracula's cozy cottage. The other house, by the way, has been occupied for several weeks by the contractor who built it. Even though the For Sale sign is still up.

Viktor, the contractor, gets home around 7:00 PM and parks his huge black Dodge Hemi truck across from my driveway. His wife, or the woman posing as one, drives a big black SUV, which she parks in the  double driveway. Occasionally I see a small child. Or a very short relative. Nobody uses their garage[s] or the other side of their fancy paver block driveway. As soon as the Vikmeister gets home. two panel vans or other service type vehicles pull up behind him, driven by guys who seem to work with him or for him. Then all three or four guys stand in the street for a hour at least in their t-shirts, jeans and work boots, before going into the house, often carrying a case of beer. Classy.

But this isn't about how Vikarama annoys me by his very existence. Here's what i noticed about the people moving into the other house -- the size of the moving truck is very small.  I had a bigger moving truck and my house is half, maybe a third, the size of theirs. I've had bigger trucks deliver mattresses and appliances.

I can't tell if it's a young couple or an old couple, since I've seen both coming and going. Part of me thinks that the guy who built the house sold it to someone in his family. I have no evidence to back this cockamammy idea up. I figure they'll live in it for a time so it won't sit on the market any longer, then try to sell it again.

So, along with the people next door to ME who don't put out their garbage for pick up and don't seem to be around except when they're entertaining Spanish speaking friends, and the guy across the street who seems to be running his business out of his house and the assortment of people moving in today with almost no possessions, this is looking like it's going to be a lovely summer.


screaminremo303 said...

They sound like Romanian gypsies. Scam artists, all of them. They're all over the place out here.

tamarac01 said...

Maybe the guys with the beer and some of the others are gathering somewhere else to discuss the women across the street that is always looking out to see what is going on and who is doing it.  

suzypwr said...

I will trade you any one of them for the trampoline family. The 5+ kids also bounce a basketball outside from 7 am to 8 am, with the noise waking me up every morning because they must also scream while doing it. Did I mention that they also recently acquired a small, white, 24/7-yapping dog? Anyone in front of my house is not a problem, since my bedroom is in the back. These charmers, probably from Pakistan, live behind me. I have never seen an adult there.

Sure, take them cupcakes. If they are Romanian, they can give you some of that plum brandy they make. Yummy!


salemslot9 said...

guys with beer
sounds like that show
"King Of The Hill"