Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Governor of Illinois is Insane

The honorable Rod Blagojevich [BLA-GOY-A-VITCH] was swept into office on the heels of a corrupt Republican administration which eventually sent the former Governor [George Ryan] to prison.

In the midst of his troubles, Ryan became nationally known for slapping a moratorium on the death penalty.

That decision was a no brainer, when it became apparent from DNA testing that a whole bunch of prisoners on death row were innocent of any crime. The self-serving Ryan actually got someone to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize for that gesture. But it didn't keep him out of the slammer.

Of course, during the gubernatorial election, the Republicans didn't help themselves any by putting up a candidate with the same last name as the recently disgraced office holder -- Jim Ryan, no relation to Georgie boy. What were they thinking?

Since taking office in 2002, with a mandate for change, Gov. Blago's administration has also come under fire from the Feds for its own lengthy list of ethics and financial violations. It's not over yet.

He hasn't helped his own cause either, often acting like a southern sheriff who punishes people for not doing things his way. It is clear that he missed class the day they reviewed negotiation skills.

His father-in-law is a long time Chicago alderman, Richard Mell. They are no longer speaking, since Blago used his governor's power to shut down a landfill operation run by a family cousin of Mell's. An unnecessary and quite precipitous act.

He also refuses to live in the governor's mansion, preferring to charge Illinois taxpayers $6000 for each of his round trip plane rides to the state capitol from his home in Chicago. For ordinary souls, it's a two and a half hour car ride plus a few tolls.

He's now in a pissing match with the leadership of the General Assembly because he hasn't got a clue how to work well with others. He's kept them in session over holidays to force them to do as he wants, but the only thing to come out of this tactic has been a huge overtime tax bill for the citizens of Illinois.

After six years, his approval rating is at 13%, the lowest of any governor in the country.

Just last week, he may have finally lit the fuse that could blow his ass off. Assuming the lieutenant governor doesn't figure out a way to have him impeached before then, although he's been working on it for awhile.

Chicago's top copper, Jody [Not JUDY] Weis [WEESE not WHY-SE] has had a run of bad luck since he got the job six months ago. First of all he's from the FBI. That rubs city cops the wrong way. Then he fired almost all the top brass to clean house right after he got to town. Now crime is up 13 percent. And people are mad. So Weis had to face the Chicago aldermen who were pretty honking fed up with a lot, but mostly, I think, his perceived arrogance.

So Weis goes in front of the city council for some hot seat Q & A. And comes up with some high class mea culpas. You're right, crime is up. I would be upset too. Perhaps there are officers who are hesitant to act because they are afraid of lawsuits for brutality. He never lost his cool once. He never got defensive. He kept telling the aldermen that all their concerns were important. The guy deflected more bullets than a Clint Eastwood shootout. Instead of a messy confrontation. Nothing.

Score: Weis, 1, Opponent, 0

Apparently the governor wasn't aware of what a masterful job Weis had done during his grilling. Because the next day the guv tells the media that Chicago has become Crime City USA and he's going to send in the state police to clean the mess up.

In response the Sun-Times ran a photoshopped picture of John Wayne from Rio Bravo with Blago's face in place of the Duke. There's a new cowboy in town who's going to get things done.

You might think Weis would take offense to the governor's insane accusation and subsequent offer to send state cops to the rescue. Hey, Weis -- you're incompetent.

Weis doesn't even blink. He says, why thanks, guv, we need all the help we can get. 

Instead of a brutal smackdown, which the governor seems to relish, the only sound you heard was crickets.

Score: Weis, 2  Opponent, 0

Good thing the mayor is out of the country. First because he would have shot the governor himself for that little breach of politcal etiquette. Do not EVER embarrass the mayor in his house.

Second, Weis had to handle things without the mayor around to back him up, and the guy was a champ. Not once, but twice.

That's the good news. The bad news is that we're still stuck with a governor who needs medication.


psychfun said...

I saw the Mayor yesterday being questioned on tv about it & he said basically, well why not? He should be questioned, I'm questioned a few times a week by you guys...what is the big deal!

And I also read or heard that the Gov is not doing anything that great bringing in the state cops. Apparently, he is the one the nixed the State cops working gang crime, so big deal he is reinstating what he took away & is trying to look like he is such a great guy. Right!

I'd also say we have some pretty insane IL citizens who re-elected him. I voted the first time because no way after Ryan but not the 2nd time. He can sure talk but he don't even know how to walk. I'm hoping Obama doesn't end up the same way but again when you consider the alternative you have no choice!

It is always interesting how there are 2 perspectives. One persons arrogance is another's confidence.  

Maybe crime is also going up because they are cracking down on OT also! Naperville has been slammed lately for that.

screaminremo303 said...

Geesh, you almost make me glad AZ is only responsible for making your next President a senile fart with anger issues. We've got a skunk-haired lesbian governor who thinks diversity means letting the country of Mexico rent the house next-door. Does that count?

And to think I ever had any doubt I could get elected to office.

suzypwr said...

Our Gov is Canadian. The mayor of Detroit cannot be trusted with a city-owned cell phone with IM capabilities. Oh, so much fun going on here!


swibirun said...

Gladl to see there's no government conspiracy up in Chicago, HA!