Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Way Or The Highway, by Sarah Palin

You know what happens when you take away a woman's right to to have a baby or not? You get Sarah Palin.

Her life has been filled with unplanned, and arguably, unwanted pregnancies. And she wants you to have them too.

Let's start with her first one. The one she used to get Todd Palin to marry her.

Relying heavily on her fundamentalist Christian beliefs about contraception and abortion, but choosing to ignore it's warnings about fornication and promiscuity, I believe the enterprising Sarah accidentally got pregnant on purpose to manipulate Todd into matrimony.

Think about it. After all, this was in 1988 not 1958. Forcing a man into marriage with a pregnancy is a vestige of passive aggressive female behavior from a time when unmarried, pregnant women were shamed by society and often abandoned with no other legal way out. Fortunately, for men as well as women, pregnancy used as a tool for blackmail has been made virtually obsolete by easy access to a plethora of contraceptives and Roe v. Wade.

However, in 1988 Sarah was already 24. Old by sled dog standards. She and Todd had been dating since high school. And she was probably tired of waiting for him to step up to the plate.

If this had been the fifties instead of the eighties, they most likely would have been married already, since that was the usual trade off for a horny guy who wanted sex from his girlfriend.  However, unlike the fifties, Todd was no doubt enjoying a major perk of the women's movement that men have embraced with unabashed enthusiasm -- sex without responsibility. Marriage? I got my sex. I don't need no stinkin' marriage!

Meanwhile, Miss Sarah had a plan. As an Alaskan outdoorsman, I doubt that Todd worried about contraception. By all indications Sarah Barracuda is the type of woman who would not relinquish that responsibility to a guy anyway. To feign the appearance of an unplanned pregnancy, women on the pill might skip a few pills. Other women might poke holes in their diaphragms. Count the days wrong. Whatever. Regardless, Sarah obviously knew she was pregnant very early, well within the first few weeks. She had a safe, legal choice for ending the pregnancy. But her religion, which she apparently ignores when it suits her, took any decision to end the pregnancy off the table. Fortunately, having no choice but marriage suited Sarah's purposes.

So they eloped. and an accidental baby was born less than eight months later.

If the first pregnancy was unplanned, but useful, her most recent pregnancy was evidently unwanted.  

After forty, the chance of a Down Syndrome baby increases to 50%. At 13 weeks, 43 year old Sarah learned her fetus had Down Syndrome. I think it would be safe to say that she didn't think it would happen to her, not with four healthy children. From all accounts Sarah was very conflicted by the news. She has said her inner turmoil drove her to hide her pregnancy as long as possible. She was in denial. Obviously, she couldn't process having a Down Syndrome child. To avoid talking about it, she didn't tell the press or her staff that she was pregnant. She didn't even tell her own children about its handicap until the baby was born.

Imagine what it's like to know you have a physically and mentally impaired fetus early in pregnancy and you have no choice but to carry it to term. Sarah Palin let her religion dictate that decision. Fortunately, her religion cannot and should not dictate the law of the land, so I could have and would have chosen an abortion.

Perhaps, until its birth, she was hoping that, by some miracle, she would lose the baby naturally. The best evidence of this is that she flew to Texas to make a speech at the end of her third trimester, against airline regulations and traditional medical advice. She flew again after the speech, when she was leaking amniotic fluid, which could have caused the death of her baby. Again this is the kind of passive aggressive behavior that women practice when put in the untenable position of not having a choice.

The first baby was unplanned. The second was unwanted. The third was her daughter's, both unplanned and unwanted.  

Barack Obama, in his convention speech, said that we may not agree on abortion, but we can agree that there are too many unwanted teen pregnancies.

Despite her history of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, Sarah Palin said in her interview with Charlie Gibson that there are too many abortions. I guess it's easier for Sarah to ban abortions than teach sex education. By the way, Sarah, there are far more unwanted pregnancies than unwanted abortions.

Alaska's favorite GILF says she would only approve of abortion to save the life of the mother. At what point do you step in to save the life of a teenage mother? When her knowledge of sex is limited to an abstinence only education and she's trying to hold off a testosterone poisoned boyfriend? When she gets pregnant anyway and has to leave school and get a job? When the baby is born and she has to find work as a single parent without having a high school diploma? When she spends the rest of her life raising a child alone and struggling to make ends meet? An abortion can save a teen mother and an innocent child from a depressing, empty life of low self esteem, low wages, and low expectations.

But Sarah's answer to an unplanned, unwanted teen pregnancy isn't abortion; it isn't even adoption; it's marriage. Instead of saving the life of her daughter so she can grow up and realize her potential, finish her education, and become a productive member of society, her mother would ask her daughter to have a baby when she's only eighteen and marry the reluctant father of the child, a high school jock who has already stated publicly that he doesn't want kids.

Three unwanted pregnancies. Two guys roped into marriage, One handicapped infant.

Sarah Palin would argue that she had no other choice.

That's why she's no choice of mine.


sgeorge952 said...

Wow well written Mrs. L, excellent points all around.

psychfun said...

Quite franky, I can see her hiding her pregnancy. Makes perfect sense...can you imagine what people would be doing? I can see that she would not want the press to be all about baby & not business, which can tend to happen. Then it is a private matter about her finding out if the baby had Down's & it would be even more of an issue in the press even as Gov. Now do I agree with her flying etc, perhaps not and it might be nice to hear her side of the story on that. I would not jump that she is trying to naturally abort the child though. We don't even know if the doctors said she is likely to lose it or not. Speculation again. People with strong religious beliefs do not let their religion dictate. Religion is not forcing they still have a choice. If they agree with the religion they do, if they don't then they don't do it. They can leave that faith. No one is got you in chains saying you can't leave or disagree. Heck, not all the priests agree in the Catholic faith alone.

As a professor of many students who are young & mothers I find it offensive also to suggest just because you have a child young you potential is gone. That is totally not true & I can't think of a one that would change it & not want their child. They become doctors, attorneys etc also. Is it harder yes in some ways but no in others. Sometimes they are more focused & committed because of their child than my traditional 18 yr old who is going to college because mom & dad say they have to or get a job! Who says her man is reluctant? Did he say that?

psychfun said...

Sorry Mrs. L. but I think you are over the line here. You have a great deal of speculation & jumping into her head & intentions.

To suggest that she purposely got pregnant, while it may end up being correct you don't know. If they are going out that long I don't think she is trapping him. She did have a choice, she did not have to marry him. He did not have to marry her & I think she is smart enought to know that whether she did it purposely or not. You have no way of knowing if they were planning on getting married say the following year anyways etc. I would never speculate for any woman. That is just not fair & I would not want someone to do that to me.

While I would agree having sex before marriage would be against her beliefs which may seem odd when she does not believe in contraceptives, people do "make mistakes" in their eyes also. That does not mean they had sex like bunnies. Many people do not believe everything in their religion. It is just a fact.

I'm not Pro-Life but I believe Pro-Lifers have a choice...they made their is just that they do not believe or like the other choice some others will make & disagree & think you should make their choice. It is always a choice!

screaminremo303 said...

I haven't seen this much tripe since my last bowl of menudo. I guess it's a good thing the word "supposition" is so close to "suppository" because it's clear you have something up your ass and I doubt it really has anything to do with Sarah Palin.

A word for those suffering from a politically-impacted colon: Fiber

It'll do a body good.

kristeenaelise said...

Palin's daughter is a perfect example of why teaching abstinance and demanding abstinance doesn't work.  Clue in - they're having sex.  Purity ring or not.  They need to be educated.

That's what bothers me about conservative beliefs.  Women are still less than, women are still constrained by, women are still submissive to, women are still controlled by and abused by... men.  They resort to whatever means they have available, and there's danger in desperation.

What rubs me the wrong way about Palin is how disgustingly deceitful she's been.  She stopped the bridge to nowhere only after it was politically incorrect to support it.  Prior to that it was "progress".  

She has no experience whatsoever.  While it may be beneficial to be a newcomer to Washington, its definately not beneficial to use your gender (hockey mom) to say you're more qualified.  That would be called sexism.

And yeah, if you put lipstick on a conservative republican with the same ideals as the current administration, she's still ... you get my drift.

Of course, they won't be happy until the there is no separation of church & state, until non-white, non christians are erradicated, and until anyone different is outta here.  Goddess forbid we'd take care of all our citizens for a change, no exceptions.

Obama's gotta win.  He just has to!!!

=) k