Monday, September 15, 2008

Wet Weekend

Have I mentioned the McMansions that have been built in my neighborhood? First they knock down a three or four bedroom two story house from the fifties or sixties. Then they build something twice as big. I think the village has mandated that all new construction must be ugly. The builders are required to use lots of weird looking brick, add a funny turret accessory, and be sure there's a giant cyrstal chandelier hanging in the ginormous window over the front door.

That's pretty much what got built on the lot behind me last year. Starting Friday, we got "Iked" over the weekend. My yard looks like Lake Michigan. I walked out back and the water is a foot deep in the shallow places.

That's because the ugly new house behind me is not only so large that there's virtually no yard, plus it's built on a hill, so all the water comes running my way, because it no longer has anywhere else to go.

In thirty years I have NEVER had this much water in my back yard.  Even during the floods of '82 and '87, which were almost as bad, there was just a six inch deep fish pond sized puddle in the low spot. Today my entire yard is under water.

More importantly, in the old days, the water used to drain within 24 hours. This stuff isn't going any place for a long time.

Mosquitos anyone?

P.S. The water is all gone -- it drained very quickly.  Phew.


ksquester said...

Time to sell?   Anne

jevanslink said...

For a once every 21 years rain? No. Time to sue the village for not making sure there was adquate water drainage from the other yard.  

Mrs. L

screaminremo303 said...

I would add (very soon) some 6" french drains across the backyard to run the runoff out into the street. I would also hire an independent hydrologist from the University to conduct a study in the change in elevation because you know the locals will have one done by their own hired-guns.

jevanslink said...

I already have a French drain.  It's useless.  My neighbor has an even fancier drianage thing -- and they had to put in an above ground sump to pump out all the water.

The good news is all the water in my back yard is GONE.  Yay.  

Mrs. L

gaboatman said...

The sump pump may be a good idea for you, too.  It won't be as satisfying as suing the village, but it may be a heck of a lot more effective.

psychfun said...

No water in your basement? Have you seen Naperville! OMG...the streets are flowing rivers! Check out their paper for pix!

ber144 said...

I'm happy that you were spared water in your house.  I am trying to find a neighbor to blame for ours, but I think it was just nature dammit.

suzypwr said...

We got a lot of rain too - can't they keep these hurricanes where the ocean is?