Friday, October 3, 2008

Ho Hum

Rats, no train wreck. Nothing. A tie. Oh, sure, both of them b.s.'d the facts a bit. Okay, a lot. And Sarah attributed a quote to Reagan about freedom that wasn't. It was about his opposition to medicare. And she's not supposed to be opposed to medicare. Or is she?  Hell, she doesn't know.

Anyway, she sure looked better than he did. Those plugs drive me insane. And while he was talking to "Gwen" all the time -- which sounded weird listening to the debate on the radio -- the Palinator looked straight into the camera and spoke to the little people, you and me, which made her connection with the audience very powerful -- on TV.

All in all, Gwen Iffel was a disappointment. She didn't ask follow up questions and she never asked about a woman's right to choose.

Palin's preparation was excellent. Run her interview with Katie Couric side by side with her performance last night and there's no comparison.  That just proves she can memorize a script if given time and concentration on the subject. But I'm sure McCain's handlers won't let her out on her own between now and the election.

I think people were hoping for something really memorable to happen -- in a bad way. But it didn't. Neither one of them screwed up. So, in this case, without a clear loser, nobody gets the win. I predict the numbers won't move much in either direction this time.

Unless Sarah does something stupid like go on The View.

Oh please oh please oh please. 


mosie1944 said...

Sometimes we just can't control things.  Which, in my case, is probably a good thing.

sdoscher458 said...

OMG I would pay hard cash to see that one.  It would be like her stepping into quicksand...maybe dragging Elizabeth down with can only well...Sandi

screaminremo303 said...

I thought it went rather well and I was pleased she wasn't distracted by the fact Obiden looks like Mandy Patinkin from "Alien Nation." Did you see those Morton Downey Jr. choppers?

It probably won't matter. ACORN is busily taking every indigent and alcoholic in Cleveland to the polls and who knows what other crimes they are doing elsewhere? I'm sort of looking forward to William Ayres in his new role as CIA Chief and The Nation of Islam taking over the "protection" of our citizens.

Smile and say "Sharia..."

ksquester said...

I was so excited about this debate and found it as plastic and the cover on single sliced cheese.  I can't stand any of this's all crap.............unless she goes on the View!!  Anne

psychfun said...

Did you hear though the Freudian Slip...

She said When John McCain Leaves...instead of Leads! :-)

yakvette said...

No, really.  Where are you going write your funny stuff now that AOL Journals is shutting down?  Like I would have known any differently if I didn't receive an email.   Who has the time to start a new blog, much les copy and paste all their entries to Blogspot.  

Apparently, I do and SOME NOT SO FUNNY GUY IS USING MY AOL JOURNAL NAME ON BLOGSPOT.  And he updates his blog, go figure.  I figure:  just add another family member as a contributing (and probably more consistent) writer and call it "Do WE Amuse You".  Or "The Nagging Uterus".  Both are very catchy.

See you hopefully at another blog site!