Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When You Do That VooDoo That You Do So Well

There's a new book out about black magic -- HOODOO -- and the hundred year curse on the Cubs.

I wrote an entire entry about this earlier and it vaporized, so I can vouch that Hoodoo works.

Basically the curse is based on Murphy's Law -- whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

Seems the owner of the Cubs back in '08 was a guy named Murphy. He was an asshead. The Cubs' players hated him so much that they didn't invite him to their party after they won the World Series

So he got mad and said something like they'd never win another World Series again. Or words to that effect.

Anyway, the name Murphy keeps showing up like a bad penny in Cubs' history over the past 100 years.

That whole thing about the goat?  Billy Sianis, the original owner of the BIlly Goat Tavern [from John Belushi, SNL and cheezborger cheezborger fame] cursed the team when he wasn't allowed to bring the smelly ungulate into the ballpark.

But the real problem, it turns out, was the goat's name:  MURPHY.

Remember 1984 when the Cubs were up two games on the Padres?  Only to lose three in a row and a chance to go to the World Series?  The last three games were played at Jack MURPHY stadium.

So I want to read the book and find out how else MURPHY affected the team.

Anyway to give you an idea of what the story is about, I stole the synopsis of this Hoodoo book from Barnes and Noble:

Someone or something believed to bring bad luck,
such as a jinx, hex or curse.

This is the story of how the hoodoo that afflicted the Chicago Cubs for more than one hundred years was revealed and ultimately—we believe—exorcized by Cubs fans around the world through a series of discoveries, rituals, and hoodoo-cleansing events.

It is a story of goats, black cats, Red Sox and White Sox, superstitions, at least one incredible account of voodoo, countless hoodoos, artifacts, history foretold by Nostradamus, and coincidence, uncovered in an archeological dig through one-hundred-year-old yellowed newsprint.

Ultimately it’s about one man’s carelessness, and how loose lips and arrogance initiated a hoodoo of epic proportions, an act so utterly egregious that it trumped a remarkable World Series run, and for one hundred years thereafter forbade another.

As we have found (and you will see) everything that has happened to the Chicago Cubs—from their 1945 World Series failure to their 1969 collapse, to the infamous foul ball in the 2003 playoffs—reverts to a single source in 1908, Hoodoo Ground Zero for Cubs fans near and far.

Could somebody buy the book and lend me their copy?


sdoscher458 said...

Oh my first husband who is deceased used to love the Cubs, we were located in Niles Ill for a couple of years.  We were lucky enough to live by a secluded forest area with a non used clubhouse there and the Bears used to practice all their secret moves right there. The late sixties were an interesting time in old the way you write...Sandi

ksquester said...

I still hear Harry Carry yell: "CUBS WIN"   I sure hope they do.  I love the Cubs. Anne

screaminremo303 said...

Some game last night, huh? I haven't seen that many fumbled balls since my last renting of "Svetlana's Schoolyard Antics."

Be kind. Always rewind. There's always next year.

rgossett4195 said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  If see one more kid with a Cubs hat on wearing a Sox 'hoodie' I am going to scream!!!  or crash my school bus!

And all those stupid W's everywhere they should flip them over to stand for MORANS...the fans!! they cursed the Cubs or maybe it was my mom's hex back in the 70's!  Oh and the grandma's who used to be Andy Fran ushers, they're all crying on WGN morning news..."those guys better win for us!!"

rose in oswego