Monday, October 6, 2008

The Teflon Perps

Tucked away on page 13 or so of the Sun Times was this headline "O.J. Guilty On All Counts" -- great news, wrong trial.

My first thought was how soon will he make bail and be out playing golf? At this point I think it's safe to say that the American courts are no longer functioning. Oh, sure, the bailiff cuffed him and took him away. But who are we kidding. Anyone hoping to see guys like O.J. spending quality time in prison have finally given up.

We couldn't put his abusive butt away even though we had his Bruno Maglis, the glove he dropped, the blood on his socks, the blood down the drain at his house, and the blood on the console of his car. Not to mention the bloody fingerprint on the back fence at Nicole's, the witness who saw his Bronco speeding away from the scene, and the slow speed chase with the wig and ten grand in the car -- hey, you name it, Marsha Clark screwed it up.

This time the Las Vegas boys did a little better -- except O.J. is going walk again because the jury probably contained a bunch of people who were more interested in payback. Sure, there was plenty of evidence despite the FBI guy who said he couldn't be sure whether or not the audio tape was tampered with. Oh, please, don't they have machines for that stuff? And I guess the judge allowed mention of Simpson's previous trial entered into the record, something usually frowned upon.

It's just a matter of time. The only way he's going down for his life of crimes is if he falls in the bathtub and breaks his neck.

Frankly, I think most of us have given up on getting mopes like O.J. put away. In fact, I think prosecutors are getting a little gun shy too.  Look at "Person of Interest," Drew Peterson, whose third wife was dug up and called a homicide, and whose fourth wife is still missing.

Same with "Person of Interest," Craig Stebic, whose wife Lisa hasn't been seen in over a year.

And how about mother of the year, Casey Anthony, who is more like a character out of a Stephen King novel than a real person. Right now the only thing left of her daughter Caylee may be a strand of her hair and the scent of a dead body investigators found in the trunk of her mother's car. At least Casey is considered a suspect. And given the track record of prosecutors lately, I bet she's not shaking in her boots very much.

Not to mention that all the parties of the first partwho are responsible for the financial mess the entire world is sinking into. The only court time they'll ever see is at the Downtown Racquet Club.


ksquester said...

My best guess is that he is going to do time.........about 10 yrs. The judge was a female who wouldn't allow bail before the sentencing.  Sure he has a right to appeal, but that will take YEARS.  The jury was approved by HIS attorneys.  I hope he does drown in his own bathtub........that bastard can't swim.   Anne

screaminremo303 said...

O.J. can't swim?

Has anyone told Mark Fuhrman?