Friday, May 29, 2009

Kris King

On the first day of my freshman year in college I met one of the most accomplished and beautiful women I will ever know. One thing was abundantly clear at the outset -- she was stunning, a Scandanavian-inspired beauty, with long blond hair and blue eyes, accompanied by a body [all her own] that caused men to walk into trees [I was there]. Women stared at her in disbelief. Soon I discovered she could also cook like a chef, sew like a tailor, sing like an angel, and garden like a horticulturist. 

While we were in school together, I watched how her beauty, combined with her graceful presence, caused men she barely knew to offer proposals of marriage. But she never took advantage of that power. Thankfully she has always used her extraordinary gifts for good and not evil.  

After school, I always wondered what direction her life would take. At first she seemed to be following a traditional 60's path -- starting out as a secretary, then becoming a flight attendant, followed by marriage and kids. But when we were thirty-six she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. When we were barely in our forties one of her sons died.  And then the integrity of her marriage was tested. 

Those challenging events were the catalysts for change that have defined the rest of her life. After taking a seminar on personal growth when she was struggling with breast cancer, she found her life's direction as a facilitator, inspiring others to make change.  

She now owns her own company, offers seminars in her own building and, shortly before her mother passed away a year or so ago, she finished her first book -- the one we've all been asking her to write for years. You can read more about Kris and the book she wrote here: 

It's easy to be cynical about self help. The "gurus" seem to appear out of nowhere, with murky pasts and questionable skill sets.  I feel so lucky to have known Kris from the beginning of her journey, when anyone could see that all the ingredients were clearly in place for her to lead an extraordinary life.  

And I have been privileged to have a front row seat. 


Remo said...


Does she have her original hips?

Chris said...

She does seem to have an amazing story. And yes, she is a gorgeous woman.

And I've always been a self help book junkie so I'll pick this one up.

Melissa said...

I, too, am a self help book junkie...this one is now on my list of books to buy. Thanks for telling us about her. I look forward to leaning more about her.

By the way, good luck with your rehab, I can just imagine your lightening up the rehab room with your humor.

ha! my word verification for this is it just me, or is this funny?