Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking It To The Bears

I love the Bears, but from time to time even your favorite teams could use a spank. And they're getting it today against the Bengals -- the team that gave Chicago running back pariah, Cedric Benson, a job after he was released. He's been playing like they made a huge mistake, ever since. Of course it helps that his current QB is Carson Palmer and there are All-Pro receivers like Chad Ochocinco and Laverneus Coles.
      It's 28 to zippola this close to halftime. That's right. A four TD lead. There are two more minutes and the Bears have the ball, but no way they're are going to score. Oh, look, the Bears just got intercepted. Told ya. 
      Now it's 31-0 Bengals. And halftime is still over a minute away. So far Cincy's first five possessions have ended in four touchdowns and a field goal. The Bears haven't done squat.
      Anyone who thinks the Cover Two is a good defense should be watching the Bengals stomp the yards, ten at a time. Benson has almost 100 yards already. 
      Anyone who thinks that the Bears can judge/manage/coach player talent should check out Benson's stats now that he's with Cincinnati. Check out how Thomas Jones is doing with the Jets. Check out Bobby Wade, Al Harris, Bernard Berrian and what's his name, Kyle Orton. As for the coaches, I have just two words: Ron Rivera.
      Anyone think the Bears can score a TD with eleven seconds left in the half? They have the ball. But that doesn't mean much. I only give them two chances: slim and none. Told ya -- Gould is going for a field goal. Rats, he scored. I was hoping they'd head into the locker room with a bagel. Bagel = zero. It's a tennis term. When someone loses a match 6-0, 6-0, they got bagelled. I was cross-pollinating my sports there. So we go to the locker room 31-3. 
      Bears get the second half kick off. They're moving the ball. Got some MO-mentum. Oops penalty. That means no mo' MO. Mrs. Linklater predicts -- the Bengals will now recoup and get the ball back. Fumble. Bears recover. Third and 21. Pass complete. Fourth and 5. Going for it. Interception. Ta-da! Cutler threw to Bennett who was in more traffic than a Bruce Springsteen concert. 
      Six minutes left in the third. It's all Bengals all the time. 
      This game is over. No really. It's O-VER.

      Nice game, Cedric.  

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Melissa said...

Mrs. L, we're loving us some Cedric here. I think he was trying for 200 yards today...almost made it too. We soooooo needed a big win. Sorry about your Bears, though. My daughter's fiance is also from Chicago and he has texted taunts all week. Haven't heard a word from him since game time.